C. When: “Continue the adventure in Cup, hunger and stimuli never fail”

All, or nothing at all. Having given breath and life to the championship path, with the first two wins in the second round, to Tose they are ready to dive back into the board of Italian Cup, facing the home Campomorone in the first of two races – the return is expected Wednesday 13 March Genovese land – valid access to the semifinals of the National Trophy Series C.

For the leader rossoblù Fabio Toffolo l’inedita sfida contro le biancazzurre liguri, currently third in Group A short distance from Novi leaders and Pinerolo first tracker, It is another opportunity to test both the historical protagonists knit Permac, As the younger rookies landed this season in the heart of the City of Victory. Among the latter stands out, for playing time acquired in the most recent seasonal outputs, the class 2001 – 01/01/01, to be precise, its birth matrix – Carlotta Gava, We ran outside and defensive qualities often this year to service, with her sister Victory, the Junior guided by the formation multitasking Laura Tommasella. Sentiamo proprio dalla talentuosa numero 3 Red Blue, originally from Cordignano, how to live in the locker room of Tose waiting around the beginning 90′ this important round of Cup.

After the quintet trimmed all'Oristano in Sardinia, Last Sunday against Fiammamonza came further “manita” to witness the growth of the entire collective rossoblù.

Last Sunday at the Monza Barison we played a great game, exposing a lot of grit right from the opening bars and expressing great desire to win the full email in the best possible way. The strength of the group, that has never failed even in complicated moments, It has allowed us to win a difficult game, much more complicated than he could tell the difference in ranking between the two teams. We forfeited others 3 important points, and from now on we must continue to miss as little as possible to take away some satisfaction from here to end of season.

At the championship labors today adds the first of two games, totally unpublished, against Campomorone to continue the adventure on the board of the Italian Cup.

We definitely expect a difficult game against a tough opponent, a team that we have never met and of which we know little, but that is getting more than gratifying results in another round of our own category. From our part, we want to go as far as possible in the tournament and we will give it all to do. "Hunger" to do well and show what we do, we have to get focused and aware of our means – as in the last two Sundays – to make a great performance starting in the first 90 minutes.

Last summer, after a long courtship by the company, six landed in the ranks rossoblù serving both the First Team of the Puppy training, which often play alongside your sister Vittoria.

This my first year in Vittorio is proving very positive so far, in my small way I'm trying to do my best by training hard and trying not to miss ever, both during the week and in case of two matches between the two teams. Point to grow and migliorami also inspired by my older companions, and with more experience and advice of coach Fabio and Laura Toffolo Tommasella. Playing with my sister is an extra motivation, and fortunately in this team stimuli to improve constantly never fail.

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