Citadel – Vittorio Veneto, the Match Full report


New sunrise, (looking for) new vibes. By now stored in the binder of the first memories – long and sometimes uneven – stretch of pavement seasonal sports, to Tose overlook the Pool Return eyeing the first of three authentic playoffs salvation con cui tentare di dare nuova linfa ad una regular season complicatasi insanely psychologically, even before that on purely statistical terms. Defeated with double deviation score in both happening Homemade between league and cup Italy, the Lady Granata Citadel presents its part by the appointment of derby sapor longing overtaking in its ranking of rossoblù vittoriesi, also and above all to escape as quickly as possible from the dangerous quicksand area playout nei bassifondi della graduatoria cadetta.

A caccia della più impattante terapia elettroconvulsivante possibile, midway between the oscillations be contemplated by tactic blackboard and unfathomable mechanisms of very personal cognitive gears, Mister Diego Bortoluzzi rimescola pienamente le carte all’interno del proprio mazzo declinando un 4-2-3-1 dalle sfumature tecniche a prima vista tutt’altro che banali. A difendere la garitta rossoblù si erge, Halley's Comet for the entire department, the number 1 Giulia Reginato, class president of the defensive quartet made by central lookouts Michela Martinelli and Jade Tomasi e dai riferimenti esterni Gloria Frizza and Monica Furlan. In midfield, il reparto washing machine del gioco rossoblù è affidato al duo formato da capitan Laura Tommasella and Valentina Foltran, con gli esterni alti fast & furious Flavia Devotothe first token from the opening whistle, after the good performance offered in 45 seconds′ in Naples – and Karin Mantoani calls to play the position along the lanes crucial offensive. Forward, Maria Zuliani diventa così il primo riferimento, to the centrality of action and role-playing, just behind the 'Engineer-Pivot Adriana De Martin, called again pervaded tasks of great sacrifice and dedication beyond pure search for a flash in front of goal.

The first few rounds of the clock “Sant'Antonio” Grantorto, a few kilometers from the capital patavino, highlight the most redundant of possible wefts having regard to the (a dir poco) prized stakes: teams locked, broken play on both fronts and, Consequently, occasions with the dropper on the one hand and on the other. The first authentic ring of Sunday football is to make and grenade materializes near the first quarter of an hour game: Peruzzo, decentralized on the left-handed side to the edge of the area rossoblù, He defends the ball from Tommasella pressure and explodes a conclusion right to descend that ends not far away from the left upright of the door manned by Reginato. Three minutes After testing to show up in attack also Permac, Interestingly the triangle-axis Mantoani Devoto followed by the attempt to the right of 24 vittoriese rebound from Peruzzo and then blocked by the goalkeeper of home Toniolo. To the points you make in any case prefer the girls led by coach Fabiana Comin, that from 20′ in poi iniziano a prendere maggior coraggio e farsi vedere con una certa regolarità all’interno della zona rossa di matrice vittoriese. At the minute 21 ci test Zorzano, After a veil of Bridge at the suggestion of Rigon, but the conclusion of the number 9 the City from 20 meters sailing far away from the poles defended by Reginato. Well the most significant’highlight three turns of watch after: the tracer in horizontal Rigon towards the edge of the area calls into question the home bomber Kastrati, adept at evading the pressure of Frizza and hit by force towards the door, with ball kissing “maliardamente” the upper part of the crossbar rossoblù. The reaction of Tose does not seem to be exactly in the existing strings and so, to the 26′, the Citadel strikes on stationary ball, directing obstinacy with the inertia of the challenge on its own frequencies: Peruzzo corner from the left and Greta Ponte, freed at the far post from Tomasi marking, is lethal nell'incornare the ball in the corner pocket between the Reginato gloves and support to the left of the goalkeeper. The most classic “goal of the former” awakens in part the competitive zeal of Tose. Flavia Devoto, among the most active in terms rossoblù, a half an hour working a good ball to the center to Foltran, little to and fro in arming the right but still reactive in will need the ball backwards to Tommasella, whose execution crushed from outside the box is lost far away from the front door. In closing fraction is skillful Maria Zuliani to blow the ball at midfield and give patavino start a counter attack in collaboration with Adri De Martin, saving on the number Peruzzo 71 Knitted Permac worth an honorable mention to the number 5 grenade, definitely the best of his.

The second half started in 22 in field unchanged and, as often was the case, with seemingly Tose shakerate dall’baleful wrath espressa da mister Bortoluzzi durante la pausa di metà contesa. The first really interesting opportunity to rossoblù brand is finally revealed to the minute 53: Mantoani strappa la sfera a Saggion nel cerchio centrale di centrocampo e apre sulla sinistra per la galoppante Devotee, whose personal attempt to razor on the first pole least Toniolo forces to perform in a parade ground worthy of the solitary craft of a goalkeeper. Less than a minute later, It is still the number 24 guest properties of Juventus to present the conclusion of controbalzo from the edge after un'insistita team move vittoriese, Toniolo for the second time answers “this” safely. The illusion of a second changeable weather in scoring and invigorating for the public faith Permac tough but just 16′, the time that the City recovers the compact balls of the game and, to the 61′, centers the point of 2-0, again surprising the entire rearguard rossoblù on a corner action. The precise parable packaged, always on the left-handed flag, gives Laura Peruzzo pesca questa volta a centro area la testa di Claudia Saggion, relentless nell'impattare screwing the ball and send it to P.O. Box dell’incrocio dei pali alle spalle dell’incolpevole Ciuki Reginato. Hit back to the heart in their plans revenge, Mr. Bortoluzzi at 67′ try experimenting well as shock therapy: inside – all together – Greis Domi, Silvia Cimarosti and Ilaria Mella, in place of captain Tommasella, Who would like to e Zuliani. in fact, but, the Permac is already with his head under the shower with more than 20 rounds of hands yet to be put on the scoresheet. The Citadel, its part, before stroking the point of the 3-0 al 72′ – Ponte raid left with a cross cut into half, Reginato and Furlan somehow save on Meggiolaro – then instagramma nel tabellino con grande pragmatismo al minuto 78: Surface, a very short entry, It is fierce in controlling the ball in the heart of rossoblù, revving Frizza and burn with a powerful razor at the far post the disconsolate Reginato. The exultation of Baby Shark the striker of Sardinian origin certifies the final results vittoriese off another Sunday from zero points in the bag and too many bad thoughts as nested malware in skulls.

Reset It becomes even more appropriate and necessary, as well as possible. Why Tose are the joy of life and play football, not the brute copy seen in recent weeks, regardless of any conceivable reason. Sunday at Barison arrives Rome Ranked second last, for another thrilling match, alla ricerca della vera claw e alla riscoperta di quel vero cuore rossoblù, che significa rappresentare una città che ha fatto la storia e onorare la memoria del Mustache, from up there watching and protects it – if he could – at this time you would be felt all right in the midst of Tose. The juice Tose.

Paolo Pappagallo


CITADEL – VITTORIO VENETO 3-0 (26’ Ponte, 61'Saggion, 78'Surface)

CITADEL: Toniolo, Baldo, Peruzzo, Zorzano (65'Meggiolaro), Rigon (81’ Meneghetti), Kastrati, Schiavo, Bridge (75'Cacciamali), Ciampanelli, Saggion (75'Surface), Ambrosi.
(A disp: Casarotto, Goula, beans, Dal Molin).
All: Comin

VITTORIO VENETO: Reginato, Martinelli, Tomasi, Foltran, Frizza, De Martin, Furlan, Tommasella (67'Duma), Devotee (82'Sovilla), Who would like to (67'Cimarosti), Zuliani (67'Mella).
(A disp: Bonassi, Zannoni, Piai, Zilli).
All: Bortoluzzi

Referee: himself. Alessandro Negrelli of Finale Emilia
AA1: himself. Alberto Amoroso Piacenza
AA2: himself. Lorenzo tanning Parma

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