Lazio – Vittorio Veneto, the Match Full report


First challenge ever among aquilotte of Women Lazio and Tose Permac of Vittorio Veneto.
A transfer that occurs immediately uphill for rossoblù, that last must also renounce the pillar of the defense Martinelli, precaution sealing in the stands by Mister Bortoluzzi, in addition to the bomber and injured Martin De Reginato disqualified. The Rossoblu coach plasma formation confirming the proven 3-5-2-, with Mantoani that detects the plug in central defense vacated by the number conterranea 4. Before Bonassi, then, the defensive trio is made, as well as by KM28, by Tomasi and Frizza. Zannoni part owner left, Furlan employed with right. Domi is a close above the defense, while captain Tommasella and Foltran complete the midfield, ready to serve Piai and Caccamo tips.

In the gallery, as announced by the company Lazio, the godmother Anna Falchi.

Tight game at that Formello, between an aggressive and physical Lazio and Permac that part too afraid, e non riesce a imbastire trame di gioco incisive, crushed by the pressure opponent and self-corrupted by too many errors in the fundamental.
At 5 'comes the first ring of the Lazio, with that Pittaccio, sugli sviluppi di un calcio di punizione dai 35 meters, takes in turn a little to the side of the pole to the left of the extreme rossoblù defender. Un minuto dopo è Alice Bonassi a rendersi protagonista di un ottimo intervento in area piccola, coming out well on Visentin, network launched a touch unlucky Frizza in coverage. Pittaccio then fails to reiterate the network rejected the extreme Rossoblu defender. On the field of Formello, si vede una Lazio che gioca a spron battuto e schiaccia il Permac nella sua metà campo.
At 13 'panic rossoblù area, with Visentin that brings havoc on the left wing, entra in area e scarica un filtrante rasoterra, that does not find the tap-in closer of the department companions.
Al 22’ comes the benefit biancoceleste: Tomasi deflected into his own net in a slip of the shot turned Pittaccio, che aveva agganciato la punizione di Di Giammarino calciata dalla sinistra.
Three minutes later, Maontoani unbeaten last ball in defense and spear made door Visentin, who steals the ball: in one on one against the goalkeeper but the number rossoblù 99 too crosses the shot, ending the stroke of the ball on the pole to the left of Bonassi.
At 27 'a shy flash of red and blue, with an insidious punishment Tommasella the left, but is no companion for the decisive goring, with numbers 5 biancoceleste Savini who nearly complicates the lives of his own keeper.
The first pitch noteworthy arrives at the Rossoblu minute 33, after good work on the axis Foltran-Caccamo, the number 19 Rossoblu into the area and download the onrushing number 7, that does not think twice and kicks to the network, But not being able to impact the ball well and kicking so high.
After the first 35 minutes of fire, the operation of the master of the house falls slightly, allowing rossoblù to express a more orderly game, but at what it seemed like a good time for Permac, comes the doubling of aquilotte. Al 38’ in fact the number 24 Pittaccio takes advantage of a svirgolata of Tomasi in coverage on forward from the right, which in fact it opens the way to the goal defended by Bonassi: nothing can number 25 Rossoblu on close shot her opponent. 2-0 Lazio and confusion Permac. Al 42'Bonassi si rende protagonista di un ottimo intervento sul tiro da fuori area di Visentin, definitely a thorn in the side of the defense along with the Rossoblu attack companions. Too much distance between departments of the team of Mr. Bortoluzzi, who are unable to stem the incursions ball to the foot of the enemy day. A disappointing first time by the Permac, that the fundamental mistake and in fact it is never dangerous.

Bortoluzzi thrown immediately into the fray in place of Stefanello Zannoni, transforming the module in a 4-3-1-2 and the input of number 8 seems to give experienced a positive shock to the training rossoblù.
At 47 'for the occasion Permac Foltran on Stefanello cross from the right, but the number 7 not able to realize the net from a favorable distance.
Al 49 'Domi replied with a shot from outside the box, developments of a corner: the number 10 Vittorio celebrates its first center in rossoblù giving the position to teammates.
At 61 'scored in Visentin, but the referee ruled out for offside, with vibrant protests of the Lazio public, although the offside position is clear. They spend 2 minutes and the Lazio are shown on the double advantage, with the Lazio captain goals Pezzotti that gored the undisputed corner from the right by Di Giammarino. The Permac suffers stroke, mentre la Lazio trova nuova linfa all’azione offensiva. Al 71’ la neo entrata Cianci a nice diagonal shot from the right, hissing slightly to the right of Bonassi.
At 74 'enters Mella for Caccamo, to give greater freshness attack of Permac, that can no longer affect. Across the Lazio tries insistently still adding to the score, looking often, as in the first half, the shots from distance.
80'Good work that starts from the left with Piai, that seeks Mella in area with no luck, and ends with a great play by Stefanello, but whose shot was however thwarted by the intervention of defense biancoceleste At minute 89 'neo Palombi entry occurs immediately from the parts of Bonassi, that para nimbly powerful conclusion yet central, After some fine moves down the landlord.
The reversal in the face Mella is anticipated exit of Vicenzi nice suggestion Sovilla, crash a few minutes on the field instead of Piai. In the full recovery Permac embroiders some fine moves down, culminating in the attempt to Frizza the distance, that Vicenzi para no problems.
At 93 'Mella avrebbe sui piedi l’occasione di accorciare le distanze: the number 6 collects in the area to assist Mantoani, but his conclusion controbalzo Left turns off high above the seven.

The final whistle of Mr.. Castellone marks the second defeat in the league and overtaking in the ranking of Lazio. Una sfida partita con il piede sbagliato, which he seemed to come back into the right channels, but that Lazio ended in his favor with determination and pragmatism. He continues the unfortunate period of Permac, which now is preparing to close the 2019 facing at home to Cesena.

It takes heart, the Rossoblu, and determination, that of all.
Always #ForzaTose

LAZIO WOMEN – PERMAC Vittorio Veneto: 3-1
22’ Tomasi (a), 38’ Pittaccio, 49'Duma, 63’ Pezzotti

Lazio Women: Vincenzi, Colini, Pezzotti (88’ Palombi), Savini, Proietti (65’ Cianci), Santoro, Castiello, Clemente, Di Giammarino, Pittaccio, Visentin (82'Lombardozzi
Available: Natalucci, Vaccari, Berarducci, Duo, Coletta Pedullà
Coach: Seleman

Vittorio Veneto: Bonassi, Zannoni (45'Stefanello), Tomasi, Foltran, Piai (84'Sovilla), Domi, Frizza, Caccamo (74'Mella), Furlan, Tommasella, Who would like to
Available: When, Cimarosti, Modolo, Zilli
Coach: Bortoluzzi

Yellow Cards: Tomasi (VV), Di Giammarino (L), Frizza (VV), Domi (VV)

Referee: Castellone section. Naples
assistants: Caputo section. Benevento, Tagliaferro section. Caserta

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