The towers – Vittorio Veneto, the Match Full report


Back where we belong. Of synthetic – on the first Sunday with the gaudy scent of leather, cleats and points up for grabs, after seven months of aberrant football fasting – there is only the rectangular frame of the Lerino Municipal Stadium in Torri di Quartesolo, main stage for the onset of the “new” Tose of Mr. Massimo Zoni in the sporting season 2020/2021.
Difficult, if not impossible, condense and sum the too many addenda accumulated inside into a single large emotional bubble (Unfortunately, mostly) off the pitch, along the surreal and forced ramadan from the trip to Novi Ligure on 23 February last to today. What is certain is that the Permac Vittorio Veneto starts again from a few, simple, but very clear characterizing traits: solid roots in past, immense desire to live the this and intense programmatic gaze oriented to future.

From the tactical board to the first test bed live, on the field of Le Torri, coach Zoni presents to the public (and it's not just to say, Fortunately) a 4-2-3-1 with old and new protagonists, united by renewed destinies on their respective fields of competence. In front of the lighthouse keeper Alice Bonassi a rather rearguard stands out “carlocentrica”, with the new central couple Modolo-Martinis, and When lined up to the right; to interrupt the registry monopoly resists on the left Monica Furlan.
In midfield, next to forever young Tommasella, one stands out Gaia Sovilla a first absolute from the orchestral of the rossoblù game. Forward, back to the future from upper right outside for Captain Karin Mantoani, with the debutantes Francesca Molinaro on’out opposite and Elena Govetto factotum on the trocar behind the vero nine (knitted 17) Giulia Trevino.

The desire, for both teams, to return to being the protagonists of the sacred ritual of the Sunday ball can only be – at least in the very early stages – inversely proportional to the actual show rate offered in the field. Just the time though, by the rossoblù sartorial department, to take the measures of the opponent's game that al minute 21 an advantage arises from high fashion, signed by three of the remaining senators to embellish the’atelier Permac of house: from the launch of Tommasella tamed by Mantoani, the filter for Sovilla, able to discard Dal Molin and beat the Dal Dosso home keeper with a platter from a few steps. Celebration to Ibrahimovic for the 1999 class of Belluno with homage to memory of DG Joe Bolzan, who used to cheer at his Milan goals by imitating the champion from Malmoe.
The Permac advantage uncork the dispute as if it were one jéroboam of Franciacorta and, after an opportunity for Mantoani with the left-handed still on Tommasella's throw, comes a few seconds after the network of 2-0: Govetto is quick to recover from a short clearance by the home keeper and to touch the ball for Trevino, whose diagonal sharp strikes Dal Dosso on the long pole on the right. The Le Torri struggles to react and the Tose continue to press offering good ideas during the construction phase, with actions full of consecutive passes often with one or two touches. After a nice exchange on the Sovilla-Mantoani axis, with full neck blow to go down a little high by the captain, it is the Vicenza-based Dal Toe who avoided a new rossoblù mark by intervening in a providential split on Molinaro, served in vertical pocket by the very active Govetto. The trio vittoriese however, it is only postponed for a few minutes, and arrives at 38′ again with the canterana Giulia Trevino and again with a peremptory diagonal, this time on the opposite pole, after yet another combination kick and run del duo Tommasella-Mantoani. Before the break, home defender Dal Dosso still keeps the result in the balance as much as possible, first by opposing with the body to the close blow of Govetto and then spitting with his fingers the insidious razor from the right vertex by Gava.

The script doesn't change in the take, with the Permac all poured out in attack to try to strengthen the result and the Le Torri stretched out in some haggard and a little’ shy attempt to counterattack. The first red and blue blast of the second fraction is Govetto's interesting sloping right, anything but sidereal distances from the base of the pole to the right of Dal Dosso. The 4-0 materializes, anyway Made in Friûl, with the great and sudden backlash of captain Mantoani al 54′: goalkeeper out of action and right index finger pointing to the sky. The waltz of substitutions orchestrated by Mr. Zoni opens: between 63′ and the 67′ Da Ros, Mella and the Ronch take over respectively from Sovilla, Molinaro and Bonassi. Between new entry stands out for its offensive hyperactivity IM6, immediately insidious with a wide right from a good position at the invitation of Govetto. Also there deb rossoblù in jersey number 9 eager to put their personal details on the scorers' scoresheet, but per minute 72 the platter from the disk – his penalty won by Mella by hand ball from Dal Toe in the home area – it is printed on the upright to the right of Dal Dosso. The Tose hunger doesn't stop there, rather, in two more turns of hands between 77′ and the 79′ they arrive fifth and sixth goals, even with Trevino – triplet, with a sill kick on the edge of the offside cue from a delicious assist from Mella – and just with Mella – flying deviation from a few steps on Mantoani's cross from the left. In the final space for Fattorel and Signs in place of Furlan and Modolo, but also some regrets for the very unfortunate Govetto – another pole a handful of clods from Dal Dosso, not the luckiest day ever.

Thus the first ones close, yummy 90′ season of Tose in the Italian Cup. The next test, on the way to the championship and first of all the qualification for the next round in the highest national trophy reserved for the teams of C, is called Padua: a derby more commonplace, for the special debut in front of the public of the City of Victory.
It is forbidden to judge the school year without having met all the teachers, how nice the first day of school!

(21′ Sovilla, 23′ Trevino, 38′ Trevino, 54′ Who would like to, 77′ Trevino, 79′ Mella)

THE TOWERS: Dal Dosso, Dal Molin, Tavoso, Screaming, Rama, Dal Toe, Biondi, Ndiaye, Pegoraro, Nardi, Bonvicini. (Quail). All: Sartori

VITTORIO VENETO: Bonassi (68′ the Ronch), When, Furlan (82′ Fattorel), Tommasella, Martinis, Modolo (82′ Signs), Molinaro (67′ Mella), Sovilla (63′ Da Ros), Trevino, Govetto, Who would like to. (Chicken) All: Zone

Ammonite: Screaming
Referee: Hamza of Lovere

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