Naples – Vittorio Veneto, the Match Full report


See Naples and… Ironically and above calendar, for globetrotter rossoblù dell’esercito calcistico della Mafalda llast kilometer del primo tratto di Route 66 season is a real journey to the geographical and spiritual antithesis of Cadets Series. From the dark clouds – more mentally speaking that under the profile meteorologicalthe City of Victory to wind vibrancy of Casamarciano, in the heart of Naples hinterland, to Tose they find themselves in the presence of Napoli Female second in the ranking with a mission – The vicious apparentemente, but not impossible – to find those 3 points now bimonthly memory and groped, Consequently, the mutiny of the quicksand of dangerous, and closer, no fly zone the ranking.

Encouraged by the good results obtained – at least in terms of performance – in equal homemade against Riozzese, Mister Diego Bortoluzzi cristallizza di fatto in toto il proprio “brandizzatissimo” 3-5-2, with a single variation of interpreters (however obliged by a last-ailment) on the outer right lane. May and fell, the second token post-disqualification consecutive, non può mancare la numero 1 for excellence Giulia Reginato, leader of tasty backlog trio formed by the already untouchable Julia Mancuso and by the pair “painful monadis” Michela Martinelli and Gloria Frizza. In midfield, the precious management is entrusted ball game, as always, alle benefiche cure di capitan Laura Tommasella, Greis Domi and Valentina Foltran, with external right here, right now Maria Zulianithe latter arranged to the right, on previous tile entrusted to the cleats by Karin Mantoani - and Monica Furlan Call usual exercise in patience and lungs in the two phases along the respective lanes of competence. Forward, next to’Engineer-Pivot Adriana De Martin, detaches the second consecutive chance in Starting XI for the class 2002 Ilaria Mella, called again to sacrifice in a role “deep” rispetto alle circostanze tattiche passate.

Both teams try to approach the contest, since the first bars, with personality and a strong desire to exhibit their weapons supplied in the quiver. The first flash, after 5 rounds of hands, It is rossoblù brand, with an effort from long range so brave as to significantly inaccurate Mancuso, pushed forward by a personal offensive phase longing. Respond Napoli on stationary ball two minutes later, Groff a centro area anticipa di testa Foltran sul corner battuto da Gelmetti ma trova Reginato pronta e sicura all’altezza della propria linea di porta. For their part, to Tose they try to get a good review with the dribble in the attack on the axis-Domi De Martin, but Mella is judged backbeat of a possible and interesting pocketed in the heart of the rear of the house. The overall balance in the field of the first quarter of an hour gradually gives way to a Naples gradually more arrembante, which forces the Permac to close fully in their own half for groped hints of restart in gusts not always shiny and tidy. After a harmless attempt by 20 meters to Captain Nencini 14′ and a header melee of Greek attacker's punishment Chatzinikolou 120 seconds after, both sedated without worries from Reginato, to the 18′ is Gelmetti forged the first real rush of chills for Tose, with a sharp right from the edge of anything that is intended to sidereal distances from the left upright of the number 1 Red Blue. A colpire è anche l’inusitata quantità di failure rather mundane collected by experts outposts vittoriesi: from a misunderstanding, of harmless defensive punishment, between Tommasella Frizza born and a good opportunity for Gelmetti, served with the Scavetta in the area by Chatzinikolau walled but at the last moment by the providential intervention in body open by Martinelli. He risks a lot, per minute 26, also usually impeccable number 4 Red Blue, snatched the ball from Kubassova small area in full: however the fate rewards Permac, saw the blunder in Estonian slipped oak-wood no more than 6 meters from the posts of sentry box of Ciuki Reginato. The intensity of offensive partenopea pressure drops for a moment at the turn of the half hour – Beil before and Oliviero then they try to impact rossoblù towards the door without the bore reflections Reginato – and then gain altitude towards the end credits of the first fraction. As often happened from the beginning of the fasting successes, to Tose give his side of the net advantage adversary within the past 10 minutes of the first half: In the case, to hit the 39′ is the German Beil – fresh graft for coach Giuseppe Marino of the market in January – diagonally with a razor on the larboard side crowning a beautiful pass Estonian Kubassova from the edge. 1-0 Naples, the whole thing after another, bloody ball lost in the restart from Bortoluzzi coach training.

The leader vittoriese try now to stir the cards to start shooting: the tip classroom space 2000 Flavia Devoto, on loan from Juventus, and his debut with red and blue colors, instead of Ilaria Mella. Accomplice (likely) suffered heavy dressing-down in the locker room, the Permac comes back with a completely different spirit, mostly, danger in the first stirrings of second half. Al 48′ to Tose eventually cause a disruption in the area manned by the goalkeeper Neapolitan Russian, De Martin He defends a good ball on a shot from the back of Tommasella and packs a dangerous suggestion to the center where it is providential to sacrifice himself to Nencini back, Despite the joke pretty much hit safely Michi Martinelli. Action of the corner to follow and Permac fails the most glaring of the possible opportunities to grasp the point of equal: Tommasella esplode il destro a giro dai 20 meters, Russian responds with short punches but Zuliani wastes a real penalty saved by moving the edge of the small sending the ball towards Andromeda. good break rossoblù awakens the senses of lazy landlord in blue shirt, among whose ranks stands again for hyperactivity the wing of Baltic origin oak-wood, the protagonist is in assisting companions – Gelmetti not heel impacts by a whisker assists from right to 58′ – either on their own – steering wheel deviation overflow weir at the suggestion at half height of from left Oliviero one minute after. Mr. Bortoluzzi try to intervene again on the tactics board in mid fraction, Captain Tommasella outside and inside Silvia Cimarosti in an attempt to increase the overall dynamism. In addition to individual errors, It is once again the bad luck of colors easily identifiable to fall on team vittoriese: Reginato It falls ill and high output, to the 68′, It is forced to give the workstation in the trenches to Alice Bonassi, in turn called to enter into the myocardium of the match pretty cold. the number 25 risponde presente al 70′ bloccando a terra sul secondo palo l’ennesimo tentativo di spizzata di Tammik in piena area rossoblù. 4 minutes after the end Friuli defender becomes unfortunately complicit, with the entire rearguard vittoriese, the network of 2-0 Neapolitan: child's play for the Greek national team Chatzinikolau, with completely immobile opponents, infilare di flight sottoporta la perfetta parabola da corner mancino di Beil. The Neapolitan doubling pushes the game now on marked tracks, Marino's team is dedicated to the control of the ball under the relentless wind of afternoon Casamarciano. A lash the Tose comes again, instead, unfortunately the injury Julia Mancuso, forced to leave the team outnumbered in the last 10′ in gara. The landlord, ingolosite the possibility to round off the spoils, touch in the final in a couple of occasions the third day marking, in particolare con la scatenata ellenica Chatzinikolau: doppia rabona in piena area vittoriese e girata di destro ad un soffio dal palo lungo della porta di Bonassi.

Thus ends the long trip to the land bell, and with it a first round of feelings and schedules definitely swinging, un po’ “A Place in the Sun” and equally “Grey’s Anatomy”. The ranking remains rather short tail and timetable proposed, next Sunday, the momentous duel in the field of relegation Citadel. Back to fight, with endorphins and will, grenade in the ground is the only key to return to re-open the treasure chest of strongly seasonal ambitious dreams rossoblù. More than a club, a fight club.

NAPLES – VITTORIO VENETO 2-0 (39'Beil, 74'Chatzinikolau)

NAPLES: Russo, Cameron, Di Marino, Oliviero, Groff, Beil, nencioni, Kubassova (81'Pavana), Chatzinikolau, Gelmetti (63"Resolving) (81'Cavicchia), oak-wood (72’ Coda).
(A disp: Parnoffi, Schioppo, Georgiou, Longoni, Zoubida)
All: Marino

VITTORIO VENETO: Reginato (68'Bonassi), Martinelli, Mella (46'Devoto), Foltran, Domi, Frizza, Mancuso, De Martin, Furlan, Tommasella (64'Cimarosti), Zuliani (73'Who would like to).
(A disp: Zannoni, Tomasi, Sovilla, Modolo, Zilli)
All: Bortoluzzi

Referee: Andrea still in Rome I
AA1: Alessandro Rastelli Ostia Lido
AA2: Andrea Romagnoli Albano Laziale

Ammonite: Di Marino, Mancuso, Foltran

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