Novese – Vittorio Veneto, the Match Full report


“Hungry Hearts Only”. Fourth consecutive match for the salvation Permac in as many races of the second round, with Mr. Tose Diego Bortoluzzi more ardent calls to savor the full flavor of 3 punti dopo ormai quattro mesi pieni di total Ramadan by successes in the league. Waiting for the Rossoblù in Piedmont is the land Novese, fasts of victories like the vittoriesi 27 October and from Third Day regular season, and, moreover, it is recovering from a bleak Filotto well 8 consecutive defeats with well 36 embedded networks compared to only 5 realized.

There are three innovations in Starting XI Permac rispetto al pareggio di sette giorni prima a Perugia: Laura Tommasella, Karin Mantoani and Natasha Piai regain gallons of ownership in place of Jade Tomasi (in the stands for a small physical problem), Valentina and Silvia Cimarosti Foltran. The basic module is a 4-3-3 quite ductile, ready to turn into Linea Maginot piuttosto che in Fight Club a seconda dei diversi coefficienti di difficoltà nel corso della contesa.

Under a strong wind and quite disturbing for the natural development of big match Sunday, the challenge lends itself to several offensive flurries from both sides. For usher in the ranks of occasions, per minute 14, Tose are the: a good combination on the axis Devoto-Zuliani is born a great filter in the heart of the defense biancoceleste for Piai, too wait in the conclusion just inside the area and for this reassembled at the last moment by the providential intervention of Tamburini. Five turns of watch after, De Martin is skilled to work on the ball 'out destro e servirlo al centro per Devoto, whose discharge to the center for Piai is negated by the conclusion from too weak limit and central of the same bomber rossoblù in jersey number 9. The Permac is preferable in the offensive building, but to move closer to the goal – the first real offensive opportunities in the area Reginato – It is to Novese 27′ with Acolytes, walled by a providential rejected the extreme vittoriese defender after missing too easily Frizza and Martinelli at the limit of red zone guest. For their part, to Tose they seem to try them all for autocomplicarsi life a short distance from household gloves Milone: the elaborate and almost bizarre to action half an hour avviata da un pallone strappato da De Martin a Malatesta ai 20 meters, Zuliani and Domi delay several times the abutment toward the good door position, con l’esecuzione finale della diez rossoblù now within small area rejected in some way – in style but far from aesthetics akin to pragmatism – by the numbers 1 piemontese. Wasteful and sometimes devolved, to Tose cashing in 36′ scoffer advantage of Novese by being found completely unprepared attack on a lineout from the front right: Acolytes is skilled and vigorous work in the sphere servital hands by Tamburini before draining back to the onrushing Malatesta, in solitary with the lefty he has plenty of time to take aim and place the ball with complacency nell'angolino the right Ciuki Reginato. The reaction rossoblù, in the final lap, It is as vehement as it topped by a (in)generous storm malasuerte assorted: first Piai, to the 41′, centra la crosspiece direct free kick, by herself procured, up to the top right corner of biancoceleste; then, a minute later, and the joint venture between palo and goalkeeper Devoted to deny the joy of equal – and the second consecutive network mesh vittoriese – delicious invitation of filtering a very active Maria Zuliani. The same number 24 presents itself again to the double conclusion in area – He rejected the first two hands by Milone, the second high above the upright – Just before the double whistle of the referee, but the result does not change: You go to rest with the master forward home with the minimum gap.

The second half opens in the spotlight in the field totally unchanged. It expects a prompt response from the Tose, but the first fifteen minutes of the second fraction produces very little – as soon as a conclusion of the high captain biancoceleste Rigolino on shore Ilaria Marenco – from both sides. At the minute 60 coach Bortoluzzi then try to shake the waters, or at least to outline new solutions sudoku technical day: inside Valentina Foltran and Ilaria Mella, instead of Greis Domi and Adri De Martin. After a good output of Reginato, Early in a hand of Levis on trying to cross a sloping from right to Ceppari, to Tose finally begin to get back to being seen with a certain rule by the parties of Milo. Al 63′ the interesting offensive parable Mantoani captures Piai just late in a slip at the far post, with the keeper attentive house in diverting the ball corner. On the same running from left to Piai, It is a double carom to put the willies to Piedmont Defense, Rigolino good captain to sweep and avoid worse problems. Others 60 seconds after, Tose this time the break in and collect the goal of’1-1 with defender-scorer in jersey number 11 Gloria Frizza, punctual as a clock Bernese to divert the flight to the far post in fine style arched cross drawn dall'educatissimo lefty Born Piai. The point of equal vittoriese is only the prelude to the last 20 minutes pure surreality that strike on both the front in the afternoon “Costante Girardengo” di Novi Ligure. Inaugurating the nonsense time, to the 70′, and the rigor generous – to want to put it mildly – granted to Novese for alleged foul Reginato, actually well ahead and that's why the injured party, Acolytes of network launched. From the spot captain Rigolino displaces the number 1 rossoblù reporting so benefit the home side. From phony rigor clear penalty, 3 minutes later, The late tackle on the same Rigolino Foltran in the heart of the home delivery Natasha Piai from the spot the possibility of a new draw, frustrated by rejected Milone He decided on the little joke and precise historical top scorer Permac of house. This valuable resource is however rossoblùs forgive 76′ mandando a vuoto la difesa piemontese e confezionando un assist a centro per l’incornata di Mella, rejected in some way by Milone but stressed this time behind Far from home defender tap-in of prey Maria Zuliani, to its first network with the effigy of Mafalda on the chest. The 2-2 not content with the Tose, and it could not be otherwise. Captain Tommasella & co. big risk on lopsided attempt Levis shot from a good position in the center area, but build the beginnings of the winning shot thanks to a back pass by Chiara Marenco – rated as “played” by Mr.. Agostoni Milan – stuck with hands by Milone. On the next free two-in area before the barrier Piai centra, then Mantoani with a sloping shot hits the upright, which in times returns the ball to sniper gameplay Gloria Frizza – albeit in a clear offside position, not deemed by the referee – ruthless stab in Milone for basic network 3-2, fifth seal personale in campionato del centrale difensivo con il vizio ormai seriale del gol decisivo.

The episode seals a thrilling contest, sometimes as spectacular as full of question marks on the Two Chief World Systems. Despite persistent too many idle moments, the Tose collect again the 3 points after more than 100 days and reassembling momentarily out of the area playout, pending the opposing recoveries and all the necessary clarifications on the subsequent calendar General emergency triggered by the Coronavirus.

NOVESE – VITTORIO VENETO 2-3 (36’ Malatesta, 64'Frizza, 70'Rigolino [Rig.], 76'Zuliani, 85'Frizza)

NOVESE: Milone, C. Marenco, Malatesta, Tamburini (78'Vitiello), Acolytes, I. Marenco, Verdino (38'Nicastro), Rigolino, Marrazzo, Levis, Zella.
(A disp: Repetti, Brullo, Franks, Leg, Bellani, Vito)
All: Fabrizio Milanese

VITTORIO VENETO: Reginato, Martinelli, Piai, Domi (60’ Foltran), Frizza, De Martin (60'Mella), Furlan, Tommasella, Devotee (86'Cimarosti), Who would like to, Zuliani.
(A disp: Bonassi, Sovilla, Modolo, Zilli)
All: Diego Bortoluzzi

Referee: Alessandro Agostoni Milan
AA1: Giuseppe Daghetta of Lecco
AA2: Alessandro Cassano Saronno

Ammonite: Rigolino


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