First team: Vittorio Veneto – Unterland Women, the Match Full report


"So either 'Permac returns home, that the cold is felt here ". Paraphrasing the single of the moment Made in Moonshine, Many are the places to which you can attach a small piece of heart and of its most iconic sensory experiences, but only one has the status of "hearth and home" in which to find their original size and sincere to 100%. Home Sweet Home for red and blue colors, over 35 years symbol of a community, a faith, a burning passion and lapping more than ever, It means returning in the heart of the City of Victory in the arms of friends Stadium Paolo Barison, theater of unforgettable memories and now stage new piece sports all to write and to live. After seasonal dawn in Cordignano and the postponement of the home match with the Oristano - he would have to play the "Narciso Soldan" Conegliano - the Tose thus reunited their audience just in late November, in correspondence with the sixth commitment Group B Series C in the presence of a Unterland Women tough for DNA and for physical and tactical characteristics of its protagonists knit neroverde guided by coach Massimo Trentini.

Target gimme five for the leader Fabio Toffolo and his Groove Armada Rossoblu after quattro successes filled and inviolate network in as many raw outputs of this league. The module, on this occasion, It can only be the firmest 4-2-3-1 now real trademark the coach from Friuli: to weigh in choosing the protagonists, otherwise almost crystallized, however, I am 3 important defections - due to labor issues - captain Francesca Da Ros, bomber Natasha Piai e del jolly fury the median Francesca Zanella. In front of the sentry manned by Chief of Staff Giulia Reginato and next to the Secretary General of Defense Michela Martinelli therefore appears, nell'inedita role as co-star in the center of the Brigade, the Queen of Multitasking Karin Mantoani, with Monica Furlan on the left and the former ramarra Alissa Padovan onset holder from opposite sull'out. In the median fitting formed by Laura Tommasella and Valentina Foltran is the super reliable and impassable Linea Maginot set up to shield the midfield opponent, Vanessa Stefanello the inescapable advanced wildcard with creativity licensed in the middle to the wings Margherita Zanon and Alice De Val, the latter in turn to the first seasonal, but especially for the first time in the field by 1 ' after two years horribilis infirmary. Front, looking for a personal joy after so obscure work at the service of her companions, there is obviously Eng Bomber Adriana De Martin. Across the altotesine, coming off two consecutive victories against Venice and Oristano after a stunted opening seasonal, They have an almost mirror module marked by offensive raids of talented Sandra Hernandez and incisive Elisa From Santa with Gambian Demba hours call to sting the upright of the door vittoriese, hitherto hermetically sealed over each geographic context.

In front of a good frame for the public - the best possible response to the call to arms of the people of Mafalda rossoblù - it develops a contention immediately particularly blocked, insidious, gluey as the turf tried by the weather of the previous days. L'Unterland, with the proverbial claw by mountain team, Press the bearers of the highest home ball, preventing Tose handle with patience and construct possession of the ball and its construction of pitfalls for the door guarded by Brida. Infirst fifteen minutes the only shot of the match port arrives on stationary ball, Centrally turned Mantoani the height of the disk, on the development of a right-kick beaten by Captain of the day Tommasella, controlled without too many worries from the far defender Alto Adige. On the other side, for the first half hour, Reginato would not even need to wear gloves ordinance: to the 31'Is From Santa, with a daring solo raid inadequately completed by the conclusion from outside, to justify a small part of the number 1 rossoblù the presence of the latex on the palms of their hands. The first portion does not want their knowledge to take off from the point of view of the show, the Unterland puts us the physical compactness and technical support required to stem the opposing Favorite, without at this stage of creativity required to move the challenge of more favorable issues. Mister Toffolo then try to put his hand to the tactics board already in full course of work raising Val and Zanon, and so trying to give more assistance to ADM16 too crushed between the dense mesh of defensive rearguard South Tyrol. Al 36′ a beautiful combination De Martin-Stefanello Zanon offers the possibility to back of the net from the edge, but sull'asfissiante pressing the central guests MZ11 can not wide of profitably door. In full recovery test we also Stefanello, the height of the right short side, with a powerful blow but widely over mirror crossbar of the goal defended by Brida. The first 45′ It is so close, with a sense of apathy as that it seems to pervade the sky and the atmosphere hung over the Barison.

The second half started with a change of the team nell'organico Cortina on the Wine Route: outside the evanescent Demba, space all'altoatesina thoroughbred Schwiebacher. The Unterland riaccoglie among its phalanxes the best canvas to show off in leaden Sunday vittoriese: aggression in the crucial areas of the game rossoblù, seasoned by some sting more to try to sully the immaculate conception of seasonal Reginato. Al 50′ Pfoestl are serious, peremptorily by concluding controbalzo 20 meters and calling the number 1 home to an intervention in two stages, poster excellent positional sense always technical heritage and genetic "Ciuki". It expects a signal Tose vitality, but the Rossoblu still do not shine despite the change of form and 64′ Pfoestl still trying to tease Reginato with a shot at the near post, not great but worthy of attention. Mister Toffolo understand that you also need to take action on the pitch protagonists: a minute later Val, which obviously can not have 90 'of autonomy in the quads, It sells its tile on the stage to rossoblù Giovanna Coghetto, to sign for the first time on action the first team in the away match earlier this month in Monza. The entrance of the class 2002 and attacking the National Under 17, in fact, spariglia cards on the rickety table of an afternoon suspense: enough 5 turns clock - and a superb central penetration by Miss Vanessa Stefanello - to bomberina Giovanna to stand as Papessa with a winning diagonally from inside the area did not hold back from the far defender Tyrolean Brida. L’1-0 Permac It is an explosion of collective joy between field and reality, with the obvious and evident effect of giving the game at least 20′ final full of emotions and occasions. The visitors try to react immediately with the usual Pfoestl, the best of its, skilled to get Mantoani to the limit but not equally in framing the door Reginato. The Tose huddle behind to endure the outburst, Pfoestl always with a razor on a free kick from 30 meters tries to play the position, Ciuki is always on the piece and locks safely. A 6′ from the end, on a lucky rebound, Adri De Martin would have the opportunity to seal the contest and break the ongoing fasting from the early rounds of the Italian Cup, the striker from Fregona shirt number 16 But high sends the right shot from great location. The staff attempt but central from Santa on the opposite side opens 300 seconds Recovery to live with the right dose of heart-pounding. Al second of 5 minutes ExtraTime we still think Giovanna Coghetto to sing on stage goring to perfection at the middle and small the magistral punishment captain Tommasella from just over the short left-handed side of the last 16 meters. First goals for sixteen Canterana - despite the attempt of De Martin to reiterate the ball in the net, after the goalkeeper deviation ball already beyond the goal line.

The final whistle of Mr. Galasso Ciampino sanctions the fifth straight win of Tose in as many league challenges, Twentieth useful result in a row of Toffolo management ninth game by Giulia Reginato no goals conceded in reports. crazy and not debatable Numbers, but the real challenge is to make them more memorable, increasingly harbingers of new long-range success. Successes that went from tight and unspectacular games against opponents fisicatissimi and ready to give everything. Objectives to be refined as insidious and long trip next Sunday on the field Como. Still with all your heart and with all your rossoblù, button, on.

Paolo Pappagallo

Vittorio Veneto - UNTERLAND DAMEN 2-0 (70′ & 92'Coghetto)

VITTORIO VENETO: Reginato, Martinelli, Val (65'Coghetto) Foltran, Zanon (90'Mella), De Martin, Furlan, Tommasella, Padovan (95′ Tonon), Stefanello, Who would like to. (the Ronch, When, Trevino, Modolo, Signs, Canzi). All: Fabio Toffolo

UNTERLAND WOMEN: Flange, Marmentini, Settecasi, Vuerich (88'Ninz), Menegoni, Turrini, from Santa, Demba (46'Schwiebacher), Ernandes, Peer, Pfoestl. (Spitaler, Cainelli, Couple, Targa). All: Massimo Trentini

Referee: Riccardo Galasso Ciampino

Ammonite: Turrini, Demba, Marmentini, Vuerich

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