Rome – Vittorio Veneto, the full match report

The two days of the Roman away to give the Permac second victory su altrettante partite, before the long break that will keep away from the pitch to the Tose 27 October, When Vittorio Veneto will arrive Perugia.

The Rome Mister Colantuoni take sides on synthetic Charterhouse Center with a 4-3-3, in which girls of Mr. Bortoluzzi respond with an unprecedented 3-5-2, interpreted by Martinelli, Frizza and Tomasi central front Reginato. Who would like to and Furlan esterni sono chiamate a galoppare sulle fasce. Il centrocampo è manovrato dal trittico Tommasella, Foltran and Stefanello, with expert Caccamo and red and blue flag De Martin to compose the pair of attack.

The game started at a fast pace, in the pouring rain that makes it difficult to play ball on the ground. After the first few minutes of study, to the 16’ comes the first real chance of the game with Landa, one of the most positive among the ranks Giallorossi, taking advantage of a not accurate disengagement of Caccamo in coverage and a beautiful first intention. La mira del centravanti giallorosso però non è delle migliori e la palla si spegne larga alla destra di Reginato. One ride hands later comes the first jolt of Permac, with Caccamo which finds a great central insertion of Foltran, But caught offside. And 'the prelude to the advantage rossoblù: to the 20’ is still the number midfielder 7 to dress bomber and carry on 0-1 the Rossoblu, picking up the cross of Furlan on the right, bypassing Guidi with a delicious lob. I am already 2 the Centers for midfielder rossoblù, in his fourth season with the Vittorio Veneto, in this start to the season. The reaction of the Roma is provided by Lucky, that the 36′ shot from the top vertex of the right side of rossoblù, but the right number of 11 giallorossa is easily controlled by Reginato.
Four minutes later the number is good 1 rossoblù a spizzare la sfera e allungarla in calcio d’angolo, defusing the de facto cross from the right shot of Polverino.
First time played with good intensity by both teams, But with rossoblù more adept at around ball good at legitimizing the advantage of a network.

In the second time the rain gives a truce and the start for the Rossoblu is bubbling: to the 46’ occasionassima Adriana De Martin, perfectly caught in the area by a cross by Stefanello. The Rossoblu striker controlled well in the center area, high kick but the ball can be of double benefit. The Rome grows in pace and physicality, putting under pressure the players of Vittorio, experiencing a decline in the second portion of the game.
Al 56’ through on the left, Caccamo with throwing Tommasella, whose cross from the bottom of De Martin is head, good to turn Network. On this occasion, the excellent response Guidi, who takes away the joy of the goal the number bomber 16. The pressure of the Roma grows and 63’ the capital team goes very close to balance with Lucky, fished very well in the area with a pass from behind the defense that bypasses rossoblù: the conclusion of the number 92 But it hits the crosspiece. Al 66’ It makes its debut in rossoblù Greis Domi: The former Roma midfielder comes in place of a positive Stefanello, on whose shoulders weighed remedied the yellow card 59 '. Mr. Bortoluzzi decides to throw into the fray Piai to the 74’ and the input of number 9 It gives a bit 'of sap in attack: the class striker fact is immediately dangerous '93 on Furlan cross and spear leads to Caccamo 75′, stop from good Guidi output in advance. The Rome look insistently draw and 70 'Conte had a good opportunity, but the shot is countered by the defense rossoblù, capable of a careful and concrete performance.
The Permac did well to bite the bullet and 90’ finds double benefit thanks to a launch illuminating of captain Tommasella that launches Piai mesh. The Rossoblu striker is incredible with the lefty to climb over and Guidi bring the Rossoblu 0-2. After one minute Caccamo even has a chance to lead his team on the triple advantage, but it is good Guidi to block the attacker's number rasoterra 19. After 4 injury time, The whistle of Mr.. Esposito marks the first away win for the Rossoblu in this league, che già sta regalando forti emozioni.

Victoria suffered, against a tough side who struggled for all 90 minutes of play. Well the grit and lucidity of rossoblù, that despite a second time is not brilliant, they knew how to suffer together and compacted, taking home three important points without conceding.
Ora una lunga pausa per gli impegni della Nazionale alle qualificazioni per i prossimi Europei. The Tose will be back on the field Sunday 27 October at home to Perugia.

(20’ Foltran, 90’ Piai)

Roma CF: do you drive, Sclavo, Head, Silvi, Bartolini, LORE, rural, Polverino (69’ Chahid), lucky, Conte (83'Felgendreher), Carrarini (59'Carbon)
Available: Di Cicco, Capitta, Writing, Schiro
Coach: Luigi Colantuoni

Vittorio Veneto: Reginato, Martinelli, Tomasi, Foltran, Stefanello (66'Duma), Frizza, De Martin (74’ Piai), Caccamo, Furlan, Tommasella, Who would like to
Available: Zannoni, When, Mella, Cimarosti, Sovilla, Bonassi, Modolo
Coach: Diego Bortoluzzi

Referee: to. Esposito section. Naples
assistants: Tagliafierro section. Caserta, Savino section. Naples

Yellow Cards: Polverini (R), Stefanello (VV)

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