Youth sector: Cristian Bigaran enters the Rossoblu team

The focus on the youth sector has always been at the highest levels in the home Permac and the tradition continues to this new season, that will see 3 formations Quarry engaged in their respective leagues. To keep alive the hotbed of talent rossoblù, this year the leadership of the youth sector It is entrusted to unusual pairing, formed by veteran Matteo Fattorel come Sporting Director and newcomer Cristian Bigaran come Responsible. Cristian, strong (among the others) experience in the same role with the Pordenone, It gives us an overview of the youth sector rossoblù, particularly exciting in this vintage to be experienced.

Let's take a little’ the numbers of youth rossoblù, between teams and athletes?
This year we entered 3 teams of their respective championships: the Debutant, with a pink 15 Girls, the Cadet (Under 17 National) where we 25 athletes and Spring with 20 tesserate. With the players we borrowed we get around 70 Girls – And it's not over yet – I would say an interesting number! The Permac Vittorio Veneto is becoming more intriguing to the women's movement in the Northeast, and we must give credit to the constant work and quality of my predecessors.

We will see a revolution in terms of coaches for the youth sector: stimulating changes for girls?
If a company wants to further raise the bar, as it is our intention, the first thing to do is invest on coaches, which usually bring with them also of “yes” more convinced by the players. This year we have three new coach: Natasha Piai It will take care of the smallest, the Debutant, participating in the championship category with the boys. Dario De Biasi will coach the Cadet, who will play the national championship and Massimo Zoni will have the task of following the Spring this year, thanks to the repechage of the first team in Serie B, participate in the National Championship. We are certain to have brought home three great elements, each of which will provide the girls their experience. I feel very interesting and exciting for the girls these changes; will be good to understand immediately what coach They want from them, and I'm sure they will succeed.

New purchases: You are satisfied with the work done so far?
As for the inbound market I am quite satisfied, today came about ten girls. We stood still negotiations that we hope to positively close to integrate various organic: I tell you that we will lift the beautiful satisfactions with these teams.

A new adventure for you, in a very important historical moment for women's football: with that spirit will face?
The good results obtained from the World Blue, along with continued investment by professional football clubs and television, They are contributing to the growth of women's football at the national level. I'm very enthusiastic this new adventure and I want to thank those who gave me the opportunity to get into this big family, Fattorel first of Matthew and the whole management team. With great humility, I put at the disposal of all the experience gained in previous adventures, in order to positively contribute to further growth of Permac Vittorio Veneto Women's Football.


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