Unterland Damen won the triangular Creazzo

warm and sunny day to the municipal of Vicenza Creation for the triangular program within the sports festival of Creazzo between Permac, Unterland Women s Pro San Bonifacio. Three companies militeranno next season in the cadet championship, all with ambitious goals.

in the first 45 minute clashed the Verona of the Pro San Bonifacio against Trentino dell'Unterland Damen. Reigns the balance from the start, al 15′ It is assigned a penalty for the South Tyrolean training but was saved Far from Verona defender. Al 25′ comes the advantage of Pro San Bonifacio with a fine free-kick from 20 meters, the barrier jumps, however the ball goes under and is 1-0.
The Unterland is there and continues to make its game trying on several occasions the conclusion of an equalizer. Al 35′ in fact always on punishment, comes the 1-1. 40′ the Trentino overturn the result with a delicious turn from close range shooting. The Pro San Bonifacio pulls the oars and Chievo took advantage of spreading. Ends 4-1.

In the second game of the day in front of the Tose they have opposed the victorious dell'Unterland Damen. Very proposing the Rossoblu coach Dario De Biasi from the minute, you begin to see the hand and the game imposed by the technical.
The left wing is the favorite in this race, Da Ros before then Zanon try to surprise the defense bypassing on that side, But it lacks the final conclusion.
Al 14′ melee the yellow-blue training is the goal.
Un minuto dopo rispondono le vittoriesi con una gran botta dal limite dell’area di Piai che sorvola di pochissimo la traversa.
Al 20′ occasionissima for Tose with Foltran trying a shot around the top right corner of the penalty area, the ball went just a little high over the bar.
Al 27′ is Foltran from the edge of the area and experience the small broadside, the goalkeeper Tyrolean though opposed by instinct.
31′ took the lead thirty education with a beautiful half flight of the number 10 that displaces the innocent Reginato.
They try to react to Tose, but they never found the winning imbeccata. It ends so 1-0 the race and the Unterland Damen wins the tournament.

In the last race of the day the Tose are the Verona of the Pro San Bonifacio, veterans of the 4-1 the first match against South Tyrol. New training for the Rossoblu starting well with two beautiful counterattack but the San Bonifacio Pro to make the game, managing well the loose ball, making himself dangerous on several occasions by the parties of Ferin.
Al 20′ Mella is landed in the area and the referee awards the penalty spot in favor of rossoblu. Manzon goes on the disc and displaces the goalkeeper.
The Pro San Bonifacio did not give raises his head and looks the flicker of an equalizer.
Al 25′ split in small area of ​​Ponte, but the ball hit the goalkeeper in full.
32′ occasionissima for Verona draw: Ferin sbaglia il rinvio, the whites' striker has so unguarded net and look for the winning imbeccata, the target but is not accurate and makes the tie.
Down the curtain on the day, the last game ends 1-0 in favor of Permac.

Unterland Women 4-1 Pro San Bonifacio
Unterland Women 1-0 Permac Vittorio Veneto
Permac Vittorio Veneto 1-0 Pro San Bonifacio

Formazione Permac Vs Unterland Damen (4-3-3): Reginato, Virgili, Da Ros, Dal Pozzolo, Very, Tommasella, payoff, Foltran, Piai, Mella, Zanon.

Formazione Permac Vs Pro San Bonifacio (4-3-3): Ferin, Virgili, Very, Dal Pozzolo, Tone, Zanella, Mella, Who would like to, Messenger, Sogaro, Bridge.


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