Vittorio Veneto – Castelnuovo, the Match Full report


The eternal conflict between the end and beginning, arrival and departure, Yin & That, pause and play. The 2018 that begins, still permeated by the scents and colors of the holiday season, ea first round that closes, with a first summary on the road and a glimpse of the many kilometers still to go from here until the end of the season. The advance of the 15°Day of Group C of the Cadets Series, well it arranged inside the sock of the Epiphany, Tose calls off the incessant work also performed at parties under the careful guidance of coach Fabio Toffolo. The opponent to complete the album of the first part of the season is, at least on paper, the least compelling of the lot: the Castelnuovo, freshman class coming from the Abruzzo Regional Championships, It is relentlessly stuck to bottom of the standings still share 0 points. But the unsearchable, and at the same time classic, laws of Dea Eupalla always put on guard: Never take the water to match roses apparently too conciliatory, every single point is to be earned on the field to the maximum squeezing the motivations and producing all the kinetic energy as possible from the first to the last minute.

In the first line-up rossoblu New Year stands out, also from the purely statistical point of view, the absence due to influence of Karin Mantoani, always present in all the official engagements of Permac in calendar 2017. Chance therefore, from the first minute to Monica Furlan outside lower right, with Capitan Da Ros hijacked on the left hand lane and Virgili next to the center Dal Pozzolo. From the waist of the protagonists are the usual pieces of the tactical arena of coach Toffolo, with Piai call if necessary to support Tommasella and Foltran but just as ready - also saw the expected encounter cloth - to advance on the line of the trident Martin-Bridge-Zanon in the phase of maximum thrust offensive. As if the situation at home Castelnuovo were not already sufficiently complicated, mister Francesco Mucci is forced - between influences and other physical problems - to appear in Veneto with only 14items and even no goalkeeper available Role! Adapted between the posts is therefore Veronica Brown, right midfield role, in a very low average age squad, with even more Millennials who were born in the twentieth century in the field between Teramo.

The comparison can only present very unbalanced since the first stirrings of the stopwatch, although the attitude of the guests is admirable to want, passion and commitment expressed. Born Piai, Dry for almost a month in the league, hungry and leg to get to the service of her companions: the very first chance of the match, built to 3′ by the numbers 9 with a cross from the left, It is not exploited by Greta Ponte in Split at the edge of small. Just a minute later it is still Piai, this time from a central position, to ship in port Da Ros offensive projection from left wing, the stoning to secure the captain blow with the left-handed centers the intersection of the poles before shutting down on the bottom. The Tose press to unlock the conflict without taking it too easy, and they succeed to 9′ of football action orchestrated the corner from Zanon and the usual Piai: the cross to return the Rossoblu striker's participation at the wedding with the goal to Elena Virgili, that in a regular position by a few steps also anticipates tucking Bridge plate in the network point of '1-0. The Permac can not and does not want to settle, immediately and in rapid sequence, before Piai nearly doubling with a venomous free-kick around from lateral position, Captain Da Ros then again from left-handed in the tile area is a response of Brown diving save from goalkeeper true. Among the Rossoblu to shine peak of its seasonal performance Laura Tommasella, from the foot of which, with the completion of Greta Bridge, the action of the springs 2-0 al 31′: served to perfection by her companions, Born to Piai is a game of girls beat Brown and sign his 10th goal in the league (Bridge in reaching their own internal duel between bomber rossoblu). Towards the end of the first half Castelnuovo faces for the first time by the parties Julia Reginato, the shot from the 38′ D'Ignazio is interesting and goes out as far to the right of the goalkeeper rossoblu, however in control. The jolt of Abruzzo remains episodic, the reversal in the face Piai and Ponte duet from uvula true - indeed shoes - gold, Friuli with that before the power fails conclusion from close range, then sull'ennesima invention mancina flicked the companion of the head to the left of the point of the Brown 3-0 per minute 41′. Episode that, in the name of pragmatism, seals the first half of the match.

The recovery is, clear, destined to live a slower pace and spectacle less pronounced, yet the Tose demonstrate their growth in the last period not limited to gigioneggiare with the ball at his feet, but keeping steadily in recent projection 16 meters of Abruzzo rivals. Brown, the "Keeper goalkeeper" of Castelnuovo, rips applause for honors as the best of his performance, producendosi in two interventions not simple even for an extreme authentic defender, on a shot by De Martin inside the area, and, mostly, on a close-range header from Bridge on corner from right. With the passage of minutes and in Toffolo mister ice game start to think about the next commitments, offering rest Da Ros, De Martin and Zanon and giving joy to the young onset goalkeeper Maya Caon, class 2001, instead of a Giulia Reginato protagonist of the only real save of the match on a cue to D'Ignazio 20′. At the half an hour the Permac nearly poker with a lash controbalzo of Foltran, at the suggestion of a proactive Furlan right, that hit the post to the right of Brown. The Tose seek persistently quadruplet, but wasted two good chances and still Foltran, amazingly one meter from the goal line, with Piai. A time expired, for the top scorer number 9 comes almost unexpected, and remote 2 minutes, The two signatures that is manita final in favor of vittoriesi: this time Brown highlights all its obvious limitations of the case, before dismissing him in his shin Piaiguain the conclusion from Foltran limit, then becoming surprised by the insidious trajectory of the abutment of rossoblu bomber directly from a corner kick.

At Barison the epilogue reflects expectations, but every victory is equally valuable and important to keep always on the "a head full of dreams” We need to build the dreams and ambitions of this season. At the end of the first leg of the Tose group are third in the standings, Establish in the spirit and in the game. Next Sunday, even in the City of Dreams Victory Theater, It allotment from direct confrontation by significant weight against Fortitudo Mozzecane. The new year has just begun, fasten your seatbelts: fly to new heavens also in 2018, con “Air Permac”, it's possible.

Paolo Pappagallo

PERMAC VITTORIO VENETO – CASTELNUOVO 5-0 [9'Virgili, 31′ Piai, 41′ Ponte, 90′ Piai, 92′ Piai]

Vittorio Veneto: Reginato (72'Caon), Virgili, Dal Pozzolo, Da Ros (51′ Tonon), Furlan, Foltran, Tommasella, De Martin (61′ Stefanello), Bridge (83'Mella), Piai (77'Sogaro), Zanon (61'Coghetto). (A disp: Zanella, Modolo). All: Fabio Toffolo

Castelnuovo: Brown, Bruno (63′ Marini), Di Domenico, Fiore (51'Veneziale), Racciatti, Cieri, D'Ignazio, Tontodonati, Peppers, Monterubbianesi (80'Romans), Cravero. All: Francesco Mucci

Referee: Andrea Zanotti Rimini

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