Vittorio Veneto – Citadel, the Match Full report


Smells like new spirit. The City of Victory returns to the atmosphere of stage cadet after complicated vintage purgatory in Series C, however, ended in all respects with the 'happy ending posthumously of the unexpected midsummer repechage. New federal livery - the Tose, for the first time, They are to play in a completely designer Championship FIGC - tested the granitic certainties of a historical group permeated by the one, rossoblù big heart and corroborated implantation of protagonists with quality and experience in the top flight: an important mix, consolidated and entrusted for this season to the wise direction of the "ax master", supporter and victim doc Diego Bortoluzzi.

It is an enthusiastic and hungry Permac who presents himself at the "gates of heaven" of the Paolo Barison stadium for the first season in Serie B against Lady Granata Citadel, team back from sixth place in the historic vintage Genesis after the merger of Pro San Bonifacio and Bassano Female. In the first Starting XI rossoblù season, dress 4-3-3 the careful tactical planning of Mr. Bortoluzzi, the presence of 3 of 6 new grafts of conspicuous summer transfer of the company Mafalda: the flexible defensive sentry Gloria Frizza, placed by external low on the left wing, the pendulum box to box Silvia Cimarosti, placed in the right wing position but with broader tasks carrillero modern, and bomber all short Patrizia Caccamo, call to multimillion through the narrow links of the central defensive opponents and the front left-footed strike in cohabitation / overlap with Adriana De Martin.

Not even time to catch the slightest familiarity with the first official leather ball of the season, after just over 120 seconds from the opening whistle, The Rossoblu run a scare anything but a small amount: cross at Kastrati grass hair from the top right vertex, Bridge butt the conclusion to the door, however, inadvertently encouraging the Cacciamali companion at the far post, whose deviation almost with a sure blow hits the support of the door to the right of the careful Giulia Reginato. Reabsorbed quickly the disturbance, to Tose quickly they try to come forward with courage; Caccamo, very active right away and urged by her companions, often tries to wedge themselves in the heart of the grenade defense to challenge you to a duel in one on one the most direct rivals. Al 10′ the Sicilian attacker, fed to the edge of the area by a delicious Cimarosti filter, is proficient in the first control, however, without being able to arm in the second measure, the conclusion to the door of Toniolo, also about the recovery in extremis of Ciampanelli. The growing pressure and the convincing dynamism of the rossoblù maneuver are already bearing fruit minute 18, When Valentina Foltran He decides to put his name on the scoresheet, signing the first official network of Permac collection 2019-2020: the "tuttocampista" Knit 7 It is very good at collecting the sloping launch Stefanello, evade with a fake on the rebound of the ball pressure Kastrati and finally electrocute controbalzo left-handed just inside the area the innocent Toniolo. The advantage of Tose is substantially deserved, the Citadel tries to sketch a reaction without too vehemently in the central part of the first fraction, while on the opposite front the usual Caccamo squeezes to take the grenade defense for a walk, without creating too many worries in the Toniolo area. The rhythms are more prim with the passing of the minutes, but right on the final lap a guest jolt calls Ciuki Reginato to a foot rejected far from trivial on the right penetration of Cacciamali, the most active among the grenade; the conclusion in the second measure, the former player of Milan is then damped by decision of intervention with the body of Michela Martinelli. Little shivers, but the interval Tose are ahead in the score.

The recovery begins with an immediately pugnacious Permac, able to touch the point of doubling after just a twenty seconds with Caccamo, walled at the edge of the small gloves Toniolo after a series of dribbling against the opposing defense at the heart of 16 meters grenade. Al 51′ the second goal on the feet of the former Fiorentina striker Mozzanica is even more tempting, but his shot from a tight angle, after having eluded the goalkeeper output, you lose a trifle to the right of the base of the pole (to report, the occasion, the brilliant pass of Tommasella to circumvent the pressure of the entire opponent's rearguard). Contrary to the most famous of football laws, the wrong goal does not cause the opposing point, if anything, it is a prelude to 2-0 real signed at 53′ the broadside Vanessa Stefanello of counterbalance on the second pole, crowning the sloping cross from the left wing of Caccamo not controlled in the first instance by De Martin. The red and blue doubling tightens the "Citta" in a vice certainly more mental than physical and, after trying without much luck or precision Bridge, the Permac touches to the tris 64′: yet another tip with Tommasella's tachometer, Caccamo left dry ago Kastrati in dribbling and explodes a shooting around that hits the crossbar, on the tap-in from a few steps Frizza head fails to give sufficient strength to the sphere so that Toniolo can even block nimbly on the goal line. The minute flow, to the 67′ the neoentrata Piai try now to be seen with a nice throw from right untapped finishing ubiquitous and now exhausted Caccamo. Al 74′, unexpectedly, Tose the risk of giving life to the guests for the last fifteen minutes of defiance: Tomasi does harakiri freeing Greta Bridge area in front of Reginato, the stone of the large former Canterana hits the intersection of the poles in full, effectively nullifying the Gentile gift Red Blue. Frustrated by the greedy chance thwarted, The grenade guests try the last final forcing relying on raids playmaker Kastrati, whose maximum offensive effort to produce '84′ Central un'incornata quelled without much trouble from Reginato.

The final whistle sentences so sweet verdict on the first day of school under the management Bortoluzzi: 3 important points on which to continue building, program, implement and correct the perspective of a very long championship and extremely complicated and challenging. Next Sunday we go to Rome, first away and already has considerable mileage, against a more experienced team and long accustomed to surf the high seas in the cadet category. Sail away, sail away, sail away.


PERMAC Vittorio Veneto - LADY GRENADE CITADEL 2-0 (18′ Foltran, 53′ Stefanello)

VITTORIO VENETO: Reginato, Tommasella, De Martin (86'Mella), Martinelli, Tomasi, Foltran, Stefanello, Frizza, Cimarosti (67’ Piai), Caccamo (80'When), Furlan. (A disp: Zannoni, Domi, Sovilla, Bonassi, Modolo). All: Bortoluzzi

CITADEL: Toniolo, Baldo (86'Dal Molin), Cacciamali (64’ Meneghetti), Peruzzo, Goula, Zorzano (64’ Pozza), Kastrati, Schiavo, Bridge, Meggiolaro (54’ Rigon), Ciampanelli. (A disp: beans, Favero, Saggion). All: Comin

Ammonite: Tommasella

Referee: Michael Poto Mestre
AA1: Marco Roncari of Vicenza
AA2: Ares Beggiato Schio

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