Vittorio Veneto – Fiammamonza, the Match Full report


Fire, water, aria, land and… electricity. From basic elements necessary to unfathomable dynamics of Mother Nature, up to the deep intrinsic mechanisms within the DNA of Dad Ball, tutto risiede nell’equilibrio e nella combinazione di forze necessaria a perseguire e soddisfare l’obiettivo – in this case rossoblù, purely sporting – perpetually suspended between potential and reality. Breasts, the lapping of the waves of the Tyrrhenian Sea along the rugged coast of Sardinia – the fiery return to 3 points field dell'Oristano – the leafy quiet of the hills vittoriesi, to Tose continue their personal Nature waiting for the football home Fiammamonza, third last team in the standings but with remarkable technical outlook, valid commitment for the fifteenth round – the bedroom of Pool ReturnGroup B Series C.

Corroborated by newfound positivity – under the psychophysical and above statistical profile – the probative island adventure of Quattro Mori, mister Fabio Toffolo it approaches to contention in the heart of the City of Victory necessarily having to give up several, precious key elements, between work commitments and pains sons of the natural competitive spirit on the field. In the first group are Captain Francesca Da Ros, the metronome Francesca Zanella and the top scorer Natasha Piai, while Jade Tomasi is forced to sit on the bench for the after-effects of the ankle problem during the dispute accused of seven days before. In most classic 4-2-3-1, designed with the usual tactic wisdom from Friuli leader, So do not miss new & old entry a characterize the Starting XI rossoblù day: before Her Fortress Giulia Reginato and next to Coldstream Guard dal choice pedigree Michela Martinelli returns to (now no longer) brand new tile in the middle of the defense Karin Mantoani, with the confirmation of Alissa Padovan on’out right down and the return of Monica Furlan on the opposite defensive end. In midfield, next to the stoic and incorruptible Laura Tommasella, he sees himself from 1′ la fresca ventinovenne Valentina Foltran; Vanessa Stefanello, unlocked in the offensive verve from the network to Oristano, is usually necessary to guizzantissimo wildcard wi-fi tof departments, with the very young and “peppery” Giovanna Coghetto and Ilaria Mella to impart speed and technique on the wings and the reentrant Adriana De Martin to give new vent to their ancestral characteristics from the first tip in the role, just, the offensive end. Among the ranks of the guests Brianza, guidate con grinta dal tecnico monzese purosangue Maria Macri, to impress you the very young overall age of the stars in the field, almost all Centennials, arranged in a 4-3-1-2 by the courageous offensive nature: with bomber Valentina Velati – eight goals so far in the league – initially forced to the bench for trouble muscle, the attack is driven by class 2003 Francesca Degrassi, already the author of three personal marks in the first part of the seasonal path.

At the behest of Mr. Michael Beltrano section of Rimini, the contest takes hold with a Permac voraciously, aggressive distinctly from the earliest rounds of hands on the clock. A baptize, just after 35 seconds, box rossoblù conclusions – Despite the uniform total black worn by Tose for the occasion – is Vanessa Stefanello with an interesting central percussion, not supported by a right finalization rise to the occasion. The pressure towards the goal defended by brianzola Elisa Rotella It does much more hot per minute 2, with the goalkeeper guest forced to dismiss a couple of quick jokes executions Adri De Martin, first from the edge and then in the middle of the penalty area after a rebound favorable to the number 16 home. The rear red and white to save again 7′ thanks to the providential rejected Dadati front of their goalkeeper on shooting, almost hit safely, Foltran of the action corner from right. The storms vittoriesi, combined with the obvious crunches of the dam erected by Lombard in his own red zone, They do tsunami Retail 11 action that leads to the advantage Tose home: short exchange on the axis De Martin-Stefanello and beautiful for this filter Ilaria Mella, Young left the Rossoblu is dismissed by the goalkeeper but split on tap-in ADM16 è una sentenza inappellabile. 1-0 Permac and bedroom center in Serie C for the’Engineer-Bomber Fregona. The Rossoblu advantage subsides, largely, the dryness of the offensive Tose in the first phase, forcing the flame to a reaction sketch but did not materialize into real dangers to the sentry manned by Ciuki Reginato. The phase of long and substantial laziness of the first half is broken only in the last seconds of fraction thanks to doubling of the All Blacks home, signed by a rapacissima Giovanna Coghetto, lurking front wheel on an insidious batting to return to Stefanello made even more poisonous from Mella movement in front of the number 1 Monza. A 2-0 therefore packaged by “best of youth” Permac of house, the sixth autograph season for the already long rossoblù talent in orbit Maglia Azzurra.

The second half started with a deckle Tose ranks and Monza decided to play for the need all in with the entry into the roulette Sunday of Veiled bomber, at least on paper to increase the offensive potential. But the Permac, with great cynicism, again with the same intensity expressed in’opening first time and, in fact, seals the disputed version fast&furious con two networks straddling 3′ and the 5′, thanks again and the signatures of two of the most wonderful products Quarry of Mafalda. The 3-0 the second is joy in the uniform of the First Team for the undisputed top scorer in juniors Ilaria Mella, lethal in Sutomore head in the heart of the small arched parable drawn from the right corner flag from Stefanello. The poker, da par suo, drop it again the ruthless Giovanna Coghetto – twice as in the first leg in the capital Monza – punctually to the deviation controbalzo's cross from the left Furlan, con la difesa ospite troppo statica nel proteggere la propria vulnerabile area di rigore. Il risultato praticamente in cassaforte, con ancora tantissimi minuti effettivi e non da disputare, invita Mister Toffolo ad applicare una certa rotazione alle protagoniste rossoblù: Margherita Zanon è la prima a guadagnarsi la presenza in campo, instead of Ilaria Mella, seguita in successione da Carlotta Gava and Carlotta Modolo rispettivamente per Alissa Padovan e Vanessa Stefanello. A bordocampo si scalda anche il secondo portiere From clear Ronch, ma prima di lasciare spazio alla propria collega-rivale nel ruolo Giulia Reginato (and) regala un paio di interventi dei suoi su altrettanti, sparuti ma pericolosi, tentativi di marca ospite, in particolare a tu per tu da pochi passi su una penetrazione mancina di Velati. Insieme all’ex portiere del Pordenone, to the 78′ è il turno anche di Gaia Maria Sovilla, di rientro (provvisorio) tra le fila vittoriesi dopo i mesi trascorsi a Latina per impegni universitari. La bellunese, già bomber di lungo corso nelle giovanili rossoblù, è l’ennesima piacevole sorpresa di giornata e regala la seconda cinquina consecutiva al Permactornando al gol in Prima dopo quasi 4 age – trafiggendo Rotella sul filo del fuorigioco dopo uno splendido lancio dalle retrovie di una ottimacentralizzata” Karin Mantoani.

Il match va in archivio così, with the second success delle Tose dopo lamini crisidi gennaio e lo scettro del girone ancora tra le maniin attesa dei recuperi della Riozzese, tra campo e giudice sportive. Le rossoblù si approcciano alla pausa di campionato, in fact, senza staccare dai meccanismi della stagione: sabato al Barison arriva il Campomorone Lady, avversario designato sui 180come rivale per un posto nelle semifinali di Coppa Italia. All, or nothing at all!

Paolo Pappagallo

VITTORIO VENETO – FIAMMAMONZA 5-0 (11'De Martin, 44'Coghetto, 48'Mella, 50'Coghetto, 86'Sovilla)

VITTORIO VENETO: Reginato (78‘Da Ronch), Martinelli, Tommasella, Mella (60’ Zanon), Coghetto (78'Sovilla), Foltran, Padovan (72'When), Stefanello (72'Modolo), Who would like to, De Martin, Furlan. (Tomasi, Martinis). All: Toffolo

FIAMMAMONZA: Rotella (64’ Vignati), Dadati, M. Moroni (64’ Baratti), Martiradonna, Rovelli, Nuzzo, Carlucci (46’ Velati), Galbusera, C. Moroni, Degrassi (46’ Sonnessa), Citterio. (Mariani). All: Macrì

Referee: Michele Beltrano di Rimini
AA1: Denis Polloni di Conegliano
AA2: Filippo Franzago di Conegliano

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