Vittorio Veneto – Padua, the Match Full report


Smells like Derby Spirit. L’Open Day home of the new season rossoblù has the scent, intense and pungent, of a challenge on horseback between historical and geographical courses and resorts, embellished with great ex and with a succulent portion of red carpet towards the next phase of the Italian Cup scoreboard. Impossible to reduce to simple beta test on a Sunday in early autumn – even more so after the bubbly external success he won on the Le Torri field – the challenge of Colle Umberto between the Tose “work in progress” of Mr. Massimo Zoni and the Padua of the “it was rossoblù” Valentina Dal Pozzolo, Margherita Zanon and Vanessa Stefanello, the quota around you 3 points in the Group Cup after the victorious first housewife against Portogruaro.

Supported by several interesting indications gained in the resounding success in Vicenza, coach Zone – at his absolute home debut on the bench of the rossoblù First Team – crystallizes your own 4-2-3-1, with a single variation on the tiles of the offensive left wing: to flicker on’out left handed from 1′ there is indeed “fast&furious” Ilaria Mella in place of Captain Karin Mantoani, in the pits for a small physical ailment. For the rest, victoriese platoon sapid and intact, starting from the keeper of the fort Alice Bonassi and from the rear assembled between “CarlottRe” Modolo-Martinis-Gava and the “Hidden” left-handed Monica Furlan.
In midfield, next to the captain honoris causa Laura Tommasella, continues the apprenticeship of Gaia Maria Sovilla gives co-starring in clapperboard of the rossoblù game. Forward, besides Mella on the left, other chance for two new entry Francesca Molinaro on the opposite band e Elena Govetto on the trocar; sweet at the bottom, to close the offensive lot can not miss, especially after the hat-trick at Le Torri, the red and blue ram Giulia Trevino.

The Permac attacks the dispute with good energy from the very first bars of the game, highlighting itself on the offending front just after 5′ – interesting Trevisiol raid, fleeing on the left wing, and ball in the center for Govetto, anticipated by a breath – and touching clearly the marking of the advantage all’11′, with Sovilla's razor from the edge, on Mella's heel assist, to caress the post to the right of the goalkeeper from Padua Polonio. The guests, dragged by a very active Vanessa Stefanello ready to do something on the whole offensive front, they try to throw it on claw more in an attempt to break the thick plots of the circulation of the rossoblù ball than to create real threats in the heart of the red zone of the house manned by Bonassi. the Tose, for their part, when they accelerate they know how to scare their opponents, but they waste a little too much in offensive numerical superiority to the minutes 18 and 22: in both cases it is Mella, effectively primed by the Govetto-Trevisiol couple, to lack timing and precision in throwing the solitary gauntlet from a good position at the sentry box defended by Polonius. In deficit of cynicism, the Permac is likely to suffer the insult on the first shot on goal by the host 25′, but Bonassi is thaumaturgical in plunging from the right corner Stefanello's conclusion on an incorrect passage by Modolo at the height of the area's edge. The dangerous survivor replaces the pride of the Tose, who return to knock with bursting knuckles on the door of the last 16 metrics, patavini. The best opportunities all pass on the clods and feet of Ilaria Mella, at times, however, imprecise – minute 29′, at the conclusion from the right vertex of the small area – and at times unfortunate – miraculous Polonius 6 minutes later in obscuring the door mirror with her body, at the end of the umpteenth bucking offensive by an untiring Elena Govetto. The first part of the time ends with both goalkeepers still on the shields, before Bonassi able to tame a blow to Sarain's blade of grass on a free kick, then again Polonius in split on the penetration of Govetto from the right front.

The second half begins with a triple rotation at Padova, mirror of a certain dissatisfaction on the part of the guest coach Di Stasio towards his protagonists on the pitch. The new technical-tactics from Padua, in effect, they create some apprehension at Permac especially in the first, academic quarter of an hour second half. Leading the biancoscudate gusts is the usual great ex Stefanello, at the conclusion both al 55′ and that al 62′, on this last occasion, after having made the defense of the victories dance the samba and with the ball ready to give the “you” to the right post of Bonassi's goal. The Tose sniff the air and gradually regain the courage between their fingers, returning to sting with passion on both external attack fronts. To the willing “own production” rossoblù, however, is associated with a renewed tendency to some waste too much: per minute 68, on Mella's inviting cross from the right, Govetto and Gava even end up disturbing each other in the heart of the penalty area, then hitting the solitary Dal Pozzolo stationed at the edge of the small area to protect his own extreme defender. The dispute gets nervous at the end, fault of an arbitrage not connected to the dynamics of the match and which ends up feeding unnecessary resentment between the field and the grandstand. The tiredness, physical and mental, ends up enveloping the protagonists on the pitch, especially the Tose de facto without changes. In the very last moments, then we need the Friulian gloves of Alice Bonassi to defuse a Sarain jam on Stefanello’s right corner and a raid last minute di Gallinaro between the thick meshes of the attentive Rossoblù defensive centers.

It ends with a goalless draw, and some small regrets proportional to the number of untapped opportunities, the seasonal debut of the Tose among the applauding coils of the rossoblù people. Between flashes of good football and (as it obviously is) different mechanisms to oil, you can confidently look to the third and final act of this elimination round of the Italian Cup, next Sunday in the house of Portogruaro. Work hard, play harder.


VITTORIO VENETO: Bonassi, Molinaro, Furlan, Tommasella, Martinis, Modolo, When, Sovilla, Trevino, Govetto, Mella. (the Ronch, Fattorel, Signs. Da Ros, BROVEDANI, Chicken). All: Zone

PADOVA: Polonio, Amidei, Dal Pozzolo, Sran, Women (46‘Constatini), Michielon (69‘Rapesi), Zanon, Didonè, Fabbruccio, Stefanello, Zanon (46’ Gallinaro). (Crespan, guys, Callegaro). All: By Stasio

Ammonite: Govetto, Fabbruccio

Referee: Zini of Udine

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