Vittorio Veneto – Trento Clarentia, the Match Full report


(Don’t) Stop the Rock. The long season trip to a national championship has never deserted highway Side of the World, but it looks somewhat like a trail where the road holding along the way to make a difference. To go, restart, capture of the engine at the first signs anxieties, always with the bow oriented destination longed. Nobody - except Ligabue - wants to travel first. To return to downshift and give impetus to the car, after the two "infill" consecutive against Fortitudo and San Marino, to Tose try to riaffidarsi the psychological mechanics of a stadium Paolo Barison yearning emotions of rossoblu. Opponent home in 18° Day Cadets Series is the Trento Clarentia, team fifth from last on the list but not without a certain quality in the game and interpreters, as well as cunning in seizing several significant scalps (of those of Pordenone and San Marino).

In 4-2-3-1 when "Trademark" of Mr. Fabio Toffolo, preset interpreters for the kick-off are, in their entirety, the same ill-fated trip to the Republic of Titan. Again net of injuries that force coach Friuli not to be able to have at the time of key players including Valentina Dal Pozzolo and Karin Mantoani (with the addition of the occasion, for a flu virus, Vanessa Stefanello). On the other side, the Trentino coach free Pavan, after returning to the success against Riccione, He finds two important elements as Ilenia Dauriz and Giordana Torresani through service and on the bench, but it recovers the most of their offensive outposts Julia Rose and Alexandra Tonelli, Best team marking both to share 5 networks in season.

Under the watchful direction referee Djurdjevic of Trieste, designated well for the fourth time in the past 2 years directing a match of Tose, It opens a disfida intended, to the nature of both formations, to be quite physical, beyond mere tactical aspect. The first attack resulted in the first ring 10′ of guests it is completely green, Daprà fails to impact with the plate to the edge of small sull'assist low shot from the right Brunello, Furlan away to avoid worse trouble in the rear rossoblu. Across Natasha Piai, with personal style action "Arjen Robben", from right to return to their favorite foot, threatens the door Valzolgher with a left-handed blow that you lose not very high over the bar. The game is nice and there are, Also central defenders, exploitable by the corridors offensive sentinels of both teams. In the duel between captains Francesca Da Ros to win, to the 25′, with a paw slipped on the leader thirty Giulia Rosa ready to wedge in red zone defense of vittoriese. On the restart, Adriana De Martin, served in a slip with your toe by Piai, finds himself thrown in virtually solitary network to the host port, but the diagonal albeit by slightly secluded location is totally busted. After an attempt, more interesting, controbalzo by Laura Tommasella intended, however, over the upright, Trento is to risk in the final time l 'harakiri with their own goalkeeper Giulia Valzogher: served in backpass from his central defensive Nicole Ruaben, in advance of Greta Ponte, the number 1 thirty totally strip the postponement giving almost the ball to the number 97 rossoblu; It is the rebound to save the goalkeeper and to deny the Bomber Cantera Permac of the paw of the advantage. In full recovery, the Trento reappeared in the Rossoblu penalty with a shot of Rose in turn that is lost over the pole to the right of Julia Reginato, with numbers 1 vittoriese in net control.

At the beginning of recovery, to actual field unchanged, the rhythms are more vivid, Permac with the duty of looking for concrete shakerare the meeting inertia. After the first five laps clock, the usual very active Greta Bridge sees Valzolgher outside the poles and over 40 meters tries to lob the effect, lacking not much the mirror of the door and in the throat choking the scream from Eurogol rossoblu. The Tose press but, as often it happens in the towel a wry sports such as that of the ball, the first offensive action of this 45 'is Trento unlock the meeting, per minute 57 with Mariangela Rovea: served from the back in the number rossoblu 11 in green shirt it is clever and deft at circumventing the intervention of Furlan and mocked Reginato out with a touch below that slips right nell'angolino the front door. As to the course of the period 0-1 can not that sound like a dull thud in the minds rossoblu, but the Toffolo mister girls are motivated to the maximum and for nothing arranged to go along with the negativity of the period. The best chances for Permac come from set-ball, Greta Bridge twice within a few minutes of head scares Valzolgher, forcing in the second case the trentino keeper to intervene with one hand to raise the door the gore of Friuli on a free kick from the left Tommasella. On the next corner kick, however,, the third attempt, the challenge between the two finally sees prevail Bomber rossoblu, precise to nock the ball confezionatale from Piai in the center area where there the goalkeeper guest this time can not climb. Al 69′ is 1-1, to Tose, but can not and must not be enough. Two minutes later Piai sees Giovanna Coghetto launching centrally in depth and serves with fresh tachometer National Under 16, skillful to get rid of his marker in dribbling and to hit with power from inside the area to the door, but Valzolgher is prodigious to raise in dip with a crazy reflection of the possible network rossoblu overtaking. The finish is more frantic than ever, the Trent remains outnumbered in recent 10′ the naive expulsion for the defender protests Pellegrini and could even close in 9 given the physical problems that occurred at Ruaben. The Tose then are thrown forward almost blindly, trying the door on several occasions with Bridge, Piai and neoentrata Zanon, but there where there is the usual Valzolgher to make the most of their work lacks the precision to the red and blue peaks of impact towards the goal.

At the final whistle, The point scored satisfied obviously only thirty training. The Permac gnawing so long to Fortitudo Mozzecane, defeat at St. Boniface, in the race to third place but it is a palliative. Serve regain firmness and lucidity, all characteristics inherent in widely software sports brand rossoblu. The curves are still many in approaching and what better metaphor for the next challenge, next Sunday Imola Stadio Romeo Galli, plant built in harmony with the historic Autodromo Dino e Enzo Ferrari. All (non) They want to travel in First: The first change is not automatic, but that mentality.

PERMAC Vittorio Veneto - TRENTO Clarentia 1-1 [57'Rove, 69′ Ponte]

Vittorio Veneto: Reginato, Furlan, Virgili, Da Ros, Tone (86′ Zanella), Foltran, Tommasella, De Martin (62′ Zanon), Bridge, Piai, Coghetto (75'Sogaro). (A disp: Caon, Sovilla, payoff, Modolo). All: Fabio Toffolo

Trento Clarentia: Valzolgher, Varrone (66'Bonenti), Ruaben, Pellegrini, dapro (59"Duris), fugans, Rosa (86′ Antolini), Rove, Chierchia, Tonelli, Brunello (81'PEDOT). (A disp: Valenti, Torresani). All: free Pavan

Referee: Aleksandar Djurdjevic of Trieste
Ammonite: Foltran, De Martin, Tone
He ejected: 80'Pilgrims

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