Vittorio Veneto vs SPAL, the Match Full report


Would you be my Valentine? Not chocolates or flowers, if anything works good (in the most vivid and vivid sense of the term possible) to fall in love with the friendly rossoblù walls and extend, for the first time this season, the streak of consecutive successes at the peak offeatin the first round. This is the mission, like true Cupid of the 3 points, waiting in the heart of the City of Victory for the refreshed Tose of Mr. Massimo Zoni, call to arms for theninth effort seasonal inGirone B ofSerie C. Still drunk on endorphins after the scratchy pawlast minuteon the rough South Tyrolean soil of Unterland Damen, the Vittorio girls cross paths at the Barison laSLEEP, historic and prestigious Estense white-blue association, relegated to the slums of the championship standings but in turn encouraged by the first seasonal success won against Le Torri in the rear.

For what, to all effects, represents a new, fundamental red and blue step on the road on the dirt road of the minimum objective called salvation, Mr. Zoni can only refresh his dogmatic 4-2-3-1 sticking as always as possible to the updates coming from the recesses of the infirmary area. Dressing the tailored suit of a rear guard in search of the second clean sheet championship, before the usual gloved sentry Alice Bonassi, the duet “of struggle is called again to work & carLotta” Gava-Martinis, assisted on the bands by the stainless parsley Monica Furlan left and from the return of emphatic claw made in Luna Da Ros on the opposite side. In midfield the confirmation of the "quantity midfielder" stands out Carlotta Modolo alongside the indispensable Sherpa Laura Tommasella, tactical appetizer of the semi-advanced trio composed in the center by the very confirmed Sofia Bigaran and on the sides respectively by captain Karin Mantoani, reported on tiles offensively more congenial to her, and Deborah Zilli, upon returning to the Starting XI after the recent physical troubles. Inedito terminale avanzato, maximum expression of a ductility expressed in the round at the beginning of the season, it is the Belluno area for the occasion Gaia Maria Sovilla.

Barison's pleasantly sunny afternoon seems like a projection bordering on the dream, seven days after the exquisitely biblical flood suffered South Tyrolean land. To juxtapose football experiences, beyond the mere engraving of the calendar, it is the desire with which the Tose have approached the dispute from the starting whistle. In truth, in the very firstquarter of an hour, the Estense host formation does not look bad at all in trying to withstand the slouching victoriesi approaches during the development phase. After repeated pricks limited to the central areas of the field, the first rossoblù foray into the opposing area free at the conclusion captain Mantoani cue on Zilli's track from the left, the left-handed of the number28 Friulian is however too strangled and slips harmlessly to the right of Merli. responds, practically in photocopy, the18 host Braga, freed on the weak foot from the limit in an execution to say the least in rose water for the prehensile extremities of Bonassi. After cashing out, in the two previous matches against Trento and Unterland, the mockery of the goal on the first real shot towards the mirror of the entire Sunday contest, the Tose overturn the cabal with the blow of the kidneys that alminute 16valel’1-0Red Blue: the round cross of Furlan come on 20 meters is a Bacio Perugina (no covert advertising, but obvious quotationism in full style 14 February) for the feral flying squirrel's paw ofCaptain Mantoani on the line of the small area. Second center in the league, third seasonal, perAir Karin and officially uncorked as the best proseccoMade in Serena Wines(and this yes, it's damn covert advertising). The SPAL recoils under the now more vehement push of the Tose, who try again in a matter of minutes with Modolo, left come on 25 meters blocked in diving by Merli, and with Tommasella, sharp punishment from the long distance not far from the intersection of the guest goal posts. Theforevercampista of San Donà di Piave dispenses games with the freshness of those who still have fun as the first token, but not only, because his signature on thedoublingPermac at 25 ′: Mantoani cross from the right smanacciato by Merli, Zilli grabs the ball and unloads backwards for the number22 Red Blue, ruthless in chilling with a very poisonous sloping lob the extreme defender with a shoulder pad vainly extended in diving. Stunned by one or two of the hosts, the guest team tries to shake themselves carried away by their talented number 10 class 2003Hammer, protagonist at half an hour of Bonassi's first intervention in low output on a ball dished from afar. The Este sortie, however, remains a flash oflampshade clouded by the red-blue rays, withLaura Tommasellastill one step away from scoring a few seconds from the double whistle of mid-game: a first right-footed shot inside the area, almost a sure shot, is rebounded from Braga's back, the second on the left-hand flight ends much further away from the guest upright. The two teams therefore go to drink hot tea, and it is appropriate to say it given the polar temperatures, on the double advantage in favor ofgroove armada of Mr. Zoni.

In the opening of shooting thecoach Pordenone is immediately forced to intervene on its protagonists due to force majeure: outside Sofia Bigaran, forced to forfeit by a little physical boredom, space aElena Govettoon the tile of the trocar. Initially crystallized into its own 11 starting, the shoulder training tries to play the charge with a couple of attempts signed by Benetti and the usual Martello in the first10′ game, but nothing that could in any way disturb the substantial Sunday quiet of the attentive Bonassi. Far more interesting are the rapid-sequence rebound conclusions of thegolden coupleModolo-Sovilla, both right-handed from the edge and intended for distances that are anything but sidereal from Merli's upright. With the rapid pace of the second half of the game, the shoulder coach Bonati decides to make the first changes between his players and at the same time to try to raise the overall center of gravity of the team. The motion, in any case, due to the prognosis of the meeting, ends up exposing the Este formation to real defensive chasms, at the greedy mercy of easy and interesting rossoblù counter-attacks. Taken by a Carthusian cross from Mantoani from the right wing, Govetto al68′ she is wasteful in devouring the ball as much as possible 3-0 completely face to face with Merli. From the seal on the encounter to the most classic of mockery counter-episodes, the step is likely not to be so impredictable, with the newly entered rossoblù goalkeeper Da Ronch who risks something leaning out of the area on Malvezzi's feet. From a possible scare to the new appointment with sealing wax on Sunday, the difference is the othernew entryof the matchGiulia Trevino, rapacious and lightning like a real bomber in piercing Merli in the center of the area at the invitation of Govetto from the right, definitely absolved of her sins after the crossgourmetof the occasion. Al75' is3-0 Permac, round and absolutely deserved result. Which could get even wider in the final, if the rossoblù had more real experiencekiller instincton the field. The glowing attempts follow one another between a nice right-footed shot by Govetto, not far from the shoulder junction, a foray by Sovilla, thwarted by the last check in front of the goalkeeper, and a generous attempt at a diagonalDalila Canzi. Just the entrance to the number16 Red Blue, returning after almost a year due to a long injury, it is the sweet note that enriches the end of a Sunday as pragmatic as necessary and as concrete as necessary.

Le Tose thus conquer, for the first time this season, the secondo successo consecutivo, against one of the most difficult and declared rivals in the fight against step salvation. With morale further refreshed and a clean sheet for the second time in the league, the rossoblù girls are now preparing for the next one stress test in the home of Portogruaro, training already capable of embarrassing the girls of Mr. Zoni in the elimination round of the Italian Cup. But that was another Permac, in another competition, at the extreme beginnings of a growth path that is still underway. Why stop falling in love with 3 punti proprio ora. I still want you to be my Valentine.P

PERMAC VITTORIO VENETO - SPAL ACADEMY 3-0 (16'Who would like to, 25'Tommasella, 75'Trevino)

PERMAC: Bonassi (65‘Da Ronch), Furlan, Martinis, When, Da Ros (86'Fattorel) Tommasella, Modolo, Sovilla, Who would like to (69'Trevino), Zilli (78'Canzi), Bigrn (46’ Govetto). (A disp: Tomasi, Signs, Mella, Chicken). All: Zone

SLEEP: Merli, Braga (53’Bizzo), Spinelli, Sattin (66’ Sartori), Pirani, Hammer, Filipinos, Amadori, Braga, Malvezzi, Benetti (82‘Calabri). A disp: Rolfini, Bizzo, Calabria, Bragion, Vannini, Sartori). All: Bonati

Referee: Bazzo di Bolzano
AA1: Condrut of Castelfranco Veneto
AA2: Carraretto of Treviso

Ammonite: Modolo, Furlan

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