Venice vs Vittorio Veneto, the Match Full report


Old feelings, new magic. Few football temples, outside the mythical rossoblù walls in the City of Victory, they have that iconic taste of sweet memories, tinged with thin streaks of melancholy, like itNereo Rocco Stadium ofMarcon, where the Venetian hinterland begins to touch the unmistakable suspended microcosm where the earth becomes a lagoon. Right in the plant dedicated to the legendaryparònof Trieste origin, the Permac conquered the19 April 2015the point necessary for the mathematical promotion to Serie A, realizing the mustache's dream and writing the most wonderful and indelible football page of his over thirty-year sporting adventure. Six seasons and a hundred thousand events later, almost everything has changed, except the palpable emotion of the confrontation in the den of the historic brackish water rival, in the meantime, dressed in the colors and ambitions worthy of the brandVenezia Football Club.It is therefore inevitable that the match of the6° Day Group B of Serie C is a decidedly different challenge from those experienced in the previous rounds: the claws of the Tose, reassured by the resounding home success against Le Torri, in the presence of the declared attempt of the Leonesse to give a paw to the first position of the ranking occupied by Cortefranca.

After enjoying a sabbatical week by thebad luckprevailing, Mr. Massimo Zoniis forced again to give up a fundamental element such asJade Tomasi, for the umpteenth time stopped in the infirmary by a newly recovered ankle problem. With the offensive joker Elena Govettoin turn, through service, it causes repeated joint problems, the now iconic4-2-3-1 by the Pordenone coach rewrites the order of the addenda in the name of the marked versatility of the protagonists in the Rossoblu staff. In front of the lighthouse keeper in jersey 25Alice Bonassihere is therefore reestablished the triple Carlottian, with the central coupleModolo-Martinis andthe very titularWhen on 'out right; on the opposite side, the other cannot obviously be missingNevermore withoutdefensiveMonica Furlan.In midfield next to the totem poleLaura Tommasellasee you again, climbing in the role ofplaymaker addition, Gaia Sovilla, in turn replaced in the tile of the trocar by aIlaria Mellacalled to trigger the attack front more globally. On the offensive wing on the right he ranks, as usualCaptain Karin Mantoani, while on the left the stomping back from 1 'Deborah Zilli. New opportunity instarting XI initial also for the ramGiulia Trevino, offensive terminal evero ninein the day's tactical ideascoach Red Blue.

Not even the time to become familiar with the cold but finally sunny afternoon with the scent of derby that, after just a minute e 35 seconds, the dispute takes shape in the most feral of possible incipits: the flickeringfrom Santaruns away on the left prairie left unguarded by the rossoblù defense and with the left-handed bowl an assist to the kiss, easily converted to the network bystretched from the unmarkedThe policy menichilurking in the center of the areaFirst reaction, shock: classic goal of the former and Veniceimmediately ahead with the serious complicity of the Victorian sentries. The Tose are struggling to take the measures in a bold but insightful way 4-2-4 the landlord, Zuanti and above all Dalla Santa put a strain on the broad principals prepared by the rossoblùs, so al12′it takes all of Alice Bonassi's experience and sense of position to block the number 8 Venetian still fleeing towards the opponent's goal. Passed thefirst fifteen minutes the Permac begins to peep out with a certain conviction within the latter 20 lagoon meters, but without ever reaching the conclusion towards Pinel's door. Precisely from an action that is far too elaborate in the heart of the Venetian red area, the mocking counterattack that leads todoubling green oranges per minute23′: needless to say, the excellent still thinks about itfrom Santa, protagonist of a ball and chain ride for over 60 meters finished by dribbling in the center of the area and a surprising right to put the innocent Bonassi. Faced with the spectrum of possible unedifying football figures, the Tose courageously choose to break the shell of uncertainties and to dare a little more in the parts of Pinel. They arrive on the report, finally the half hour, the first attempts towards Sovilla's mirror first and Tommasella then, the latter not particularly far from the intersection of the front door. The benevolent signs of awakening, gradually more and more concrete in terms of game construction, they produce the maximum result at the very last gust of the single minute of recovery of the first fraction: corner from the left ofCaptain Mantoani and masterfully gored in the center of the area (a little like Pasquale Luiso, and after Tomáš Skuhravý, however, both active well before 1999) of the increasingly decisiveDeborah Zilli, afourth goalseason in five appearances, of which only two from owner. We therefore go to rest with Venezia ahead of only one goal.

The recovery seems to foreshadow the right opportunity for the Tose to definitively resume the skein of the match in their hands but, after a good attempt by the usual Zilli al50′from a tight angle, on the rossoblùs the cold shower of the3-1 signed lagoon3 minutes later givesTosatto: still far from flawless the Rossoblu rearguard, centrally surprised by the raid in a regular position of the number 77 home, merciless at the peak of entering the area in beating Bonassi diagonally with the help of the inside pole on the right. The rossoblùs are close to the final surrender of others 120 seconds after, Zuanti sows Furlan on the run but his attempt at half a lob is printed on Bonassi's crossbar, saved in second place also by the incredible mistake of Dalla Santa intap-in head. Zandomenichi tries again, minute 60, with a shot from the edge on which the diving intervention of the home defender Permac is anything but trivial and sounds like a wake-up call to the whole team, more than half an hour before the final whistle. That the Tose never want to give up is written in the DNA, before in the stars: so, with the right mix of sagacity, stubbornness and cynicism, the Permac reopens the dispute at62′ at the first real chance of the second half. The sloping punishment of Mantoani dai 25 meters calls the Venetian goalkeeper Pinel to a rather treacherous high exit, who clicks out and gives Zilli the perfect spike for the platter ofCarlotta Modolo unguarded door, valid for the point of2-3. The swirl of Sunday twists is far from over, because al64′ the Venezia finds itself in its hands the most delicious of occasions to affix again, perhaps definitely, the wax seal on the outcome of the derby: the referee sees a hand ball in the area ofTommasella(historically not lucky, in the relationship between their upper limbs and the referees) and commands thepenalty in favor of the lagoons, neutralized by an amazing Alice Bonassi(second seasonal penalty saved) on Gloria Roncato. The game does not allow emotions to stop, recalling derby of the past and higher categories. On the front of the house, the highly inspired Dalla Santa tries again, whose suggestions for the companions in the center of the area are not without worries removed fromLinea Maginot vittoriese. On the opposite side, the most dangerous is Trevisiol, that at half an hour calls Pinel to make a prodigious intervention with the recall hand on the right blow from the edge. Balances too subtle to last until the end, and if Zuanti and Dalla Santa fail again two incredible opportunities to bring the Venetian blinds back to the double advantage, the Permac throws it back on cynicism and reap the fruits of a stoic and indomitable resistance to3 minutes left capturing the well-deserved network of3-3 with a piece of absolute skill by Giulia Trevisiol: right and left control to cross that Pinel can only spit with his fingertips before the inevitable ending on the net.

Thus, one of the most exciting and spectacular derbies of all time goes to the archive, a match that gives the Tose a point with an immense specific weight and a very deep meaning, for the dynamics of the entire championship and the necessary learning path in the field of the very young team led by Mr. Zoni. Reinvigorated on the dopamine front, the rossoblù team awaits in the match coming next Sunday at BarisonTrento, another team that makes no secret of its aims towards the noblest positions of the seasonal ranking. But in the Permac house the wind has changed: wind of change, never stop sailing.

VENICE - PERMAC VITTORIO VENETO 3-3 (2’Zandomenichi, 23From the Saint, 46’Pt Zilli, 54'Tosatto, 62'Modolo, 87'Trevino)

VENEZIA: Pinel, Zuanti, from Santa, Roncato (89'Guizzonato), Bellemo, Quaglio, Celegato, branches I, Tone, Tosatto, The policy menichi (74’Vecchiato). (A disp: Sticks, Attombri, Big, Sabbadin, Enzo). All: De Bortoli

PERMAC: Bonassi, When, Modolo, Martinis, Furlan, Tommasella, Sovilla, Who would like to, Zilli, Mella (84"Bhigrn), Trevino (93'Da Ros). (A disp: the Ronch, Facchin, Fattorel, Signs, Chicken, Govetto, aiming). All: Zone

Ammonite: Tommasella, Martinis
Referee: Piccolo from Pordenone
AA1: Noushehvar di padova
AA2: Plate of Padua

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