Player Profile

Karin Mantoani

28 Midfielder

Nationality :Italian
Date Of Birth :09/11/1994
Height :
Weight :
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The market reinforcement is in full swing and after arranging the rearguard, DS Bolzan has also begun to shore up the attack. After the purchase of the tip (Samantha Zandomenichi) a few days ago, He wanted to give to Mr. Fattorel outside long awaited, crucial to its model of game.

Karin Mantoani, '94 Class, It is an external attack, flexible with outstanding qualities of dribbling. Right or Left to her it does not matter, the important thing is to play in his preferred role, just outside. His resume speaks only Serie A, from 2012 to the 2014 he wore the jersey of Chiasiellis, while last year was for a total of Tavagnacco 28 games played, 971 minutes and 2 goal.

Last year came one step dall'alzare the Italian Cup and the Italian Super Cup with Tavagnacco, but in both finals the team from Friuli sold.

For features inspired by Neymar though but sympathizes for Juventus.

Make a few goals, but when they do have decisive:"I remained in the heart of a very important goal that is my first goal in Serie A against Inter at 92′ it was worth 2-2. IS’ It was a strong emotion for me, as they entered the last 10 minutes and 5 minutes later I scored, thus drawing the game. "

It all began at the age of 5 age:"I started playing at the age of 5 age, I saw above my brother playing and then I decided to take even I the sport. ", and in fact defines his greatest passion.

In addition to football, in life is the insurance advisor, in her spare time she likes to go out to have fun with friends, travel, listen to music and dance (especially Latin dances, la Zumba).

The situation of women's football in Italy is not the most optimistic, what do you think about it? Have you ever felt discriminated against in the world of sports?

Unfortunately here in Italy we are missing important pillars that perhaps in other states have been present for many years: Sponsors who believe in women's football so as to develop a project to companies, people that protect the players, the inclusion of women's football in schools, have appropriate structures. I have never felt discriminated against, Luckily.

It is the 2012 you're constantly in Serie A, for us it is the first year, You can describe the?

The top flight is an experience to be savored, in the sense that you clash with important teams, with very strong players who wear even the national team. It was a very positive, my, because I grew up on a football level, but also at the level of character. This year the championship will be even harder, but I'm sure we will do and we will push.

You came second in the Italian Cup and Italian Super Cup last year with Tavagnacco, how it feels to lose a final? how did you prepare those decisive matches?

Unfortunately, those games are dry where it counts very much like the interpreters, every mistake can be decisive. Of course it is clear that if the other team is stronger than you, you just have to clap and to congratulate you on the game played. The defeat more bitter was losing on penalties in the Italian Super Cup final against Brescia because we had prepared and played a great race, we missed really very little to bring home the cup. These two games have been prepared to the last detail, meticulously studying the opponent.

The Tavagnacco is a team that is always fighting for the top places, In the last years, Can you tell us your experience last year? What will change this year instead here Vittiorio?

The experience started well in Tavagnacco, in the sense that I was quite impressed with her companions, especially with the "older", which taught me a lot. I also had the good fortune to play a few games as a starter against Brescia, Bari and Cuneo. Mister Sara Di Filippo is a good coach, always demands the most from his players. Subsequently due to company reasons and for personal problems did not want to continue my experience with the yellow and blue jersey. Compared to Tavagnacco aimed at ambitious and important, Vittorio Veneto there will be an objective salvation, we are a group of young girls who have yet to learn a lot, but I'm sure we will do a great championship.

Why did you choose Vittorio Veneto for this season? What and / or who convinced you?

Vittorio Veneto I chose because it seemed like a very serious company with very clear objectives and a great organization at the level of coaches and staff. He wants to focus on youth, has a beautiful nursery growing and I like that.

Did you already know someone in this team?

I only knew Margherita Zanon, He played with me two years ago to Chiasiellis.

How do you like the coach?

With the coach I have not got to talk too much, but during the first training session, I felt it was a serious and ambitious.

What are your objectives for this year?

Get involved to wear a jersey holder with the Vittorio Veneto, give my best in order to contribute to the objective salvation and show my qualities.

How many goals promise to fans rossoblu?

Do the double digits would be a gift that would make our fans.

A prediction for this historic season rossoblu?


These are the words of John DS Bolzan: "Honestly, I've never seen him play live Karin, But all the input received on its technical and tactical, correspond perfectly to the model required by the player coach, to strengthen the flanks offensive. Now we just have to wait, to see her running around on the wings with red and blue shirt on him. "