Face to face with the DG John Bolzan

A chat with our Director General Giovanni Bolzan on the state of women's football in Italy and the new adventure that awaits the official Tose after the repechage: Series B. The Rossoblu passion is the lifeblood, the engine of a company that invests in women's football by 37 age.

From 1982 Permac the Vittorio Veneto is the protagonist of women's football: a company born from the dream of a family, but with an eye to the future. How important is it to adapt to modern times?

Surely this has remained one of the oldest companies in the entire National football scene. IS, Possibly the only, headed by the same property (family). Underlying everything there is one common factor to always: the PASSION for women's football. And the passion has always managed in recent years to keep up with the changes and the increasingly high economic budgets necessary to manage a company at these levels.

Women's football is evolving, we saw with the World Championships in France: what are the new challenges ahead, especially in Italy?

Women's football is changing abruptly. The media attention it is getting from TV, World Cup and professional clubs, It gave lifeblood to the whole movement. Now all the girls (and their parents) They know that there is a sport even football for women.
But be careful not to squander the heritage of small companies, that keep alive the base and the concept of "passion", essential to preserve the roots and soul of the sport. I would not like the concept of passion did overwhelmed by the more abstract "business", yes as unfortunately it has occurred in the last period, with the closing of historical associations and loved by the whole movement.

After the official's repechage, as you are moving the company to better address the Cadets?

First of all I would say proud and honored to be back among the elite of national football. This series B course is just reward for the work done by all these years at home Permac. Remember that only the runners (in addition to the teams relegated from B), they had the right to request it. This is not just the prize for the sporting result of the last year, but the result of a constant work, continuous and positive in recent history rossoblù.
The roll of honor of Permac in recent years
2012/13 – 3Th place in series B
2013/14 – 2Th place in series B
2014/15 – 1Th place in series B (promotion to Serie A)
2015/16 – 9Th place in Serie A (with 4 demotions of 12 teams. In other years, salvation would have been worth it)
2016/17 – 2Th place in series B
2017/18 – 4Th place in series B (They remained in the new series B the first three classified)
2018/19 – 2Th place in the new C series (and Italian Cup semi-final)

To answer the question, I would say that we will face the second division with features that have always distinguished, mainly driven by the passion of the whole family Permac. We are aware of the enormous difficulties and especially the handicap of having very little time to restructure technical and logistical organization of the project, according to the higher category. But since we wanted the bike….Now you have to ride (trying to make it better).

What do you feel to say to the fans of Permac Vittorio Veneto on the new season, which is just around the corner?

This new series B that is technically almost like the league a few years ago: There will be faced teams and highly significant cities (such as Naples, Rome, Lazio etc.…).
In the year of the centenary, our beloved Vittorio Veneto has a chance to be known and to assert throughout Italy even in women's football. I hope that our daughters and TOSE become a symbol of a whole sports community, and therefore to follow and support as much as possible every Sunday at the stadium Barison, singing along FORCE VITTORIO!

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