Countryside:”You are the crown jewel of the sport in the province”

Yesterday the mayor of Cordignano (Roberto Country) accompanied the Councillor to the sport (Mauro Fael) received in the council chamber of the town girls Permac of Vittorio Veneto, before the 'Friendly beneficial among tose and the yellow and blue of Tavagnacco.

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The words of the mayor:"You represent the best nationally in the sport of women's team. The commitment this year will be even harder but the great enthusiasm will help you achieve your goals. Our wish is that you make a good championship, doing amuse the public. I hope to celebrate with you later this year and to come and support you in any home game. We are proud to have you here, for an appointment doubly important. This fundraiser for the Italian league cystic fibrosis, Venetian association, It will serve to keep open a special section of the hospital of Treviso. "

The commissioner adds Fael:"We are delighted to have you here, is a few years ago that we wanted to organize an event. We are proud of your reality, one of the most important at the regional level and this gives me even more proud to welcome you at that Cordignano. I am pleased to recall that three associations have given us a big hand in organizing the event: A.S.D. Football Cordignano, Cordignano splendid events and A.S.D. S. Rocco BIT”

The DG thanked the Common Bolzan:"For me the pride and honor is being dual citizen Cordignanese, I take the opportunity to leap to introduce Cordignano girls and girls in Cordignano. We accepted especially the social initiative that is below, that is close to our heart. Thanks to all of you for giving us this opportunity. "

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