Canzi: “The group is solid and alive, with unity of purpose we can reverse the course at best”

High Fight. Halfway between a sparkling present and a future full of promises, The best youth rossoblù continues to collect noteworthy performances, daughters of constant growth perceptible training after training and minute after minute. Tangible progress, natural legacy of constant interchange in style communicating studs between the senators of the Permac house and the young nuggets on the road for the definitive consecration with the glorious uniform of the Permac First Team.

One of the toughest protagonists of the rossoblù locker room, chasing a tile under the sun in the tactics board squeezed between the phalanxes of Mr. Massimo Zoni, the top class Pordenone stands out 2002 Dalila Canzi. Fresh from a long injury at the peak of last season, the Tosa in jersey number 16 is carving out a role of increasing weight within the Rossoblu hierarchies, precious resource available to the Pordenone leader on the vittoriese bench for the long sail towards the championship finale. We feel the sensations from Dalila in the Permac dressing room just a few hours after the intriguing and delicate match with the’Isera, valid for the fifteenth day(second return)Group B Series C.

To look at the triptych of consecutive negative results, there is a need for a prompt reaction from the entire Rossoblu collective. A what do you think is due to the difficult moment of the team?
The moment of difficulty, in my opinion, it is due to our inexperience. We must not forget that we are a very young team, for most of us this is our first experience in a First Team. Consequently, it is sometimes difficult for us to face the other teams in the league, especially the more experienced ones: at the first distraction we are punished, and this has massively determined the inauspicious existence of the commitments of the month of March.

On what positive aspects to bet instead to try to reverse the course, starting from the match against Isera?
We are a very united and solid group. I trust that this distinctive trait will emerge already in the next match and that our dedication to helping and encouraging each other will allow us to bring home a good result and an excellent performance. I think our strength is precisely the unity of purpose and always believing in it, from the first to the last moment of the match.

How are you in this year's group and what are your feelings after recovering from last year's long injury?
As pointed out, we are a very united group, consequently it is impossible not to enjoy this vintage in the best way from every point of view. The injury is finally resolving itself, I'm finishing recovering from a muscular point of view and I'm very confident, because I think I'm in a pretty positive moment, especially on a psychological level. It's up to me to put the coach in difficulty, workout after workout, to earn the opportunity on the pitch to show what I can and want to give for this team, beyond any consideration from a strictly personal profile.

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