Cimarosti: “return Girone new beginning, against the City we have the weapons to break the fast”

Press “Reset” to continue. By now stored in the binder of memories acrobatic first round to number plate, tra prodromici climax endorfinici e successivi picchi di malasuerte all-round, The Rossoblu Tose are preparing to pierce the Velo in Maya on second half of the season and, in particular, of a triptych dating from the dense specific weight in view of '(now clearly established) Hunt down the salvation.

In the first of three step filati contro formazioni che al momento la precedono in classifica, la compagine guidata da mister Diego Bortoluzzi ritroverà quel Lady Granata Citadel already defeated two-goal in both homemade crosses between Championship and round of Italian Cup. To maintain the cabal in the direction favorable and simultaneously make the distance from Granata, when trapped in the quicksand of hot zone playout, le vittoriesi dovranno obbligatoriamente centrare quel successo ormai latitante da 8 days and consequently eradicate the pain away, disease which led Tose to forfeit points away from Barison only in the away match in Rome in mid-September.

Less than 48 dall'importantissima hours to duel “Sant'Antonio” Grantorto, a few kilometers from the capital patavino, sentiamo dal guizzante funambolo di centrocampo classe ’95 Silvia Cimarosti air that is breathed in the myocardium of changing room First Team rossoblù.

Against Napoli came another stuffed provision of light and shadow but no points on the scoresheet, between individual and collective errors and a certain, Redundant dose of bad luck in the infirmary area.
For a couple of months now we are definitely having a hard time, in which negative results should be to infect the psychological component and vice versa. A prescindere da ogni avversità, we are trying to react strongly, putting all ourselves so much in training as in the game. In Naples we tried to assert ourselves but we were stopped by a tough opponent, che lotta per la vetta della classifica e non ci ha permesso di riportare a casa neppure un singolo punto. The hunger we are not lacking and already on Sunday we will return to try to give my best to regain the victory.

The match on the field of the Citadel will be in effect the first real save of the season playoff, which aspects in your opinion will be crucial to try to snatch 3 even more fundamental points?
Sunday is the first day back, a new dawn from which to start with great grit and maximum positivity. Against the Citadel we had the best season in the double confrontation home and this should make us to face the race and to start off this new season phase. Winning helps you win, and we have great need, soprattutto per guardare con maggiore serenità alla classifica e tornare a credere in noi stesse anche con l’ausilio dei numeri più nudi e crudi.

Vittorio Veneto you found a new enriched environment and a new category with which to confront and express all your undoubted potential and your versatility in the different sectors of the midfield.

Vittorio I'm finding good, both I and my companions that with all the technical staff. It took me a while’ to mesh with the group saw my character naturally reserved, but once the ice is broken I breathed tranquility, the serenity and the empathy felt they needed. I am really good with all the girls in the lower division, and this experience has given me is to find people with whom I had already played both to make new friends. On the pitch I always try to do my best, according to the needs of the coach, to help the team and try to achieve the goals we have collectively set ourselves.

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