Cortefranca vs Vittorio Veneto, as follow Tose

Check to the gods. Archived a February of great substance and concreteness, punctuated by the crunchy filotto of quattro unbeaten, the Tose of Mr. Massimo Zoni are preparing to knock on the hitherto inviolate jambs of the dominatrix of the championship. It will be the Cortefranca, team first in the standings and so far unbeaten this season, the opponent of the match valid for the 12but Day (penultimate of the first round) Group B Series C.

The match will take place at the Cortefranca Sports Center (BS), with kick-off set at15:30. The match will be broadcast in live streaming on theYouTube pageof the Lombard company.

Will direct the meeting Mr.. Marco Mirabella of the AIA section of Acireale, assisted by Mr.. Alessandro Colleoni and Mrs. Lucia Ruggeri both from the Bergamo section.

For all rossoblù fans, constant and detailed updates on the progress of the meeting inreal time:

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