the Ronch: “It's time to raise the bar, ready to show that we can face anyone”

Hands up to the future. The role of’extreme defender, in casa Permac, it smells of something beyond the simple charge, responsibility and pride given by the very nature of the role, clearly the most delicate of the entire technical-tactical organization chart. Being a goalkeeper, for those who represent the effigy of the Mafalda and the historic colors of the City of Victory, first of all it means continuing in the wake of the very genesis of the now fortieth rossoblù history. It is in fact from the passion for football and from the great desire to experience this role on the part of his wife Patrizia Iron, than the forgotten “Mustache” Franco Fattorel he decided to found together with her, in 1982, the association of Via della Rabosa.

Between past, present and future, the balances of a vittoriese doc come From clear Ronch, class goalkeeper 2001, represent a very precious piece in the technical and human mosaic available to the leader on the rossoblù bench Massimo Zoni. We hear right from the Tosa in jersey number 75  i pensieri e le sensazioni nello spogliatoio di casa Permac a poche ore dall’intrigante e delicato match con il Brixen third in the standings, valid for the quattordicesima giornata(before return) Group B Series C.

In the last two games there have been as many consecutive stops, against Cortefranca and Trestina, which made you close the first round in eighth place in the ranking: what do you think are the positive aspects to keep of this first part of the seasonal journey?
The two defeats in a row were not an easy blow to absorb, because they have slipped us back in the rankings, outlining an apparently more negative situation than it should be. despite this, I think the last two Sundays have made us understand that we must try to eliminate some errors dictated by our inexperience, but this can only be possible with the work and consistency of all the effective staff. Positive, there is a lot of this first round: it should not be forgotten that ours is a de facto team “new”, the result of a sort of fusion between last year's Juniores and some protagonists of the First Team. For so many of us this is the first experience at a higher level, but despite this we still managed to find a certain balance and a good feeling at all levels. We have also managed over time to find the right way to prepare for the Sunday commitment starting with the weekly training sessions, and this was possible also and above all thanks to the more experienced teammates.

What can be the fundamental ingredients to try to reverse the course, starting with the opening act of the second round in a few hours against Brixen third in the standings?
Already from this match we have to draw a line above what has been so far and find the right approach to a difficult match against one of the protagonists of this championship. It will take a little more sacrifice and the desire to fight for every ball until the end of the game. We must be a united team that helps each other in every situation and in every point of the pitch. We have acquired the tools to raise the bar in terms of the right mentality, we can face the second round in the best possible way and show that we are up to confronting all the teams in this championship with our heads held high.

What has changed, on a practical level, in the full-time collective jump in the First Team always under the orders of Mister Zoni?
We felt the transition to full time in the First Team immediately with the increase in pace and intensity, as well as in terms of commitment and dedication required on a mental level. It was certainly a leap that made us mature and grow from a football point of view. We hope to continue acquiring the rest as soon as possible thanks to experience in the field and a future that we hope will be as positive and productive as possible.

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