Val: “high Head, more charges and concentrated than ever to reverse the trend”

More than any misfortune and every tackle slipped fate, heart and attachment shown from the first moment to the red and blue colors and the whole environment of Mafalda vittoriese. Alice De Val, '92 Class, in his first season in the City of Victory is already indispensable presence and profound in the group Tose. As she hit the simplicity and the great, unflagging fortitude, after the second unfortunate ruptured ligaments in November and Riccione, after just a few games after returning from previous injury. We feel like her how to live, always close to their companions, the approach of the whole environment rossoblu-important match on Sunday to Barison against Trento.

Two consecutive defeats against Fortitudo Mozzecane and San Marino in a mixture of bad luck and episodes, why do you think this is not a simple moment?

During football vintage it is normal to go through a period in which the struggle to get results. For us this is one of those times. We lost a few points in the street. But the championship is still long and we are a strong and tenacious team. A football match lasts 90 'and is made of episodes that can be for or against it. In these two games we have certainly not been favorable, but the worst thing we can do at this time is be discouraged. It is from these tests that measure the strength of the team, because when you are winning “all good and all powerful” but when you lose and the game gets tough the tough get going. We must always keep your head up and reverse the trend, always conscious of those who are our means. But as in life you know that luck must be helped, and then start again from Sunday, turn the page and start again in front of our fans and our field to grind points.

How did you see your companions react and work in a week to the game with Trento?

My companions are full and concentrated. We got to talking and planning: Sunday there are no doubts, They will go into the field and will aim straight to the objective: back to win 3 points with a great game.

Your recovery should be dealt with patience and constant application: how it is going this first phase after the operation of the end of November?

My recovery is going well. The team led by Dr. Alberto Vascellari, Andrea piai physiotherapist and physical trainer Daniel Russotto (but I expect the next step) they are really doing a great job and they follow me step by step. I am sincere when I say that I could not ask for anything more. With their help I will be back soon in the green rectangle that I miss so much. The road is still long but it is the right one, I will be back soon and I will not leave more!

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