Very young, interview with Mister Natasha Piai: “Workouts online and we hold on, good my girls to never give up”

Reinvent yourself, apply, cultivate old passions with new methods, waiting for the long-awaited return to what we had – recklessly and clumsily – traded for “dutiful normality”. That's what it is, for some time now, we are all doing, each in its own way. Within didactic-educational the distance created a gap deep, not only spatial but also social, especially in that age group in which inclinations and passions – even sports – they begin to emerge with strength and arrogance.

For the coach of a youth sector, a period like this represents a double challenge on paper: on the one hand, maintaining a certain basic athletic condition, on the other hand, to cement enthusiasm and love for sport despite the distance from the pitch and from teammates. in conclusion, in all respects and even more than before, to educate, not just train.
We hear from coach of the young rossoblù, the former bomber in jersey number 9, Natasha Piai, how she and her group of small and beautiful talents are experiencing these difficult months, between constant online training sessions and all-round manifestations of collective affection.

Before the persistent forced stop, how you experienced the fleeting approach on the pitch at the beginning of the football season?
The season had started well, especially taking into account that several girls came from the Beginners and many were in their first year of football. I am happy with the commitment they were putting into practice everything I was teaching them. The last match played did not represent us and we are sorry to have “finished” so, but the bad day happens to all teams and for my part I am calm because I know what my girls can and will be able to give on the field.

How have you digested this again, long stop and how you are experiencing the moment in these tiring months of remote work?
With the girls we are training every day via Zoom. It's definitely not like being on the pitch, but let's try to see the positive side: we are working on some technical aspects that in the initial period, for obvious reasons, I had to overshadow. Therefore, in spite of everything, these workouts will help you improve even more. Good girls who are not giving up and also train in front of a screen!

What are your thoughts on the current situation? Just stay still or need to return to play as soon as possible with further ad hoc protocols?
We are living in a situation that we never thought we could live. I don't know if the decisions that the competent authorities are making are right or wrong, I know that this period is inevitably marking us a lot. We, for our part, we will continue to work constantly online and when it is possible to return to training we will run to the field to finally be able to see each other in person.

Your wish and wish for this 2021, the special wish you would like to give to your girls.
Trivial answer, but in this period I think it's normal to want it: that all this passes and that we can finally return to living in complete freedom, as we were used to. I tell my girls not to give up, to hold on and try to take everything positive we can assimilate from this situation in order to always grow and improve. They are certainly going through a difficult period and I also know that distance learning does not contribute to making this period less difficult. In my little, I hope with my work online to be able to give them peace of mind, tranquility and a lot of passion. We hope to see you on the pitch again soon!

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