junior: Vittorio Veneto - Gordige, he postponed match


After more than 2 months out, con l’ultimo match ufficiale giocato il 15 December 2018, The junior led by Mister Tommasella back on the field and continues to build his road paved with victories, brick by brick. Despite the three points earned, provision of training rossoblù, dotted with many unforced errors, He did not meet all of the coach of San Dona. Maybe they were a little Tosette’ rusty after the long break, between winter break, of referrals match against Keralpen Belluno and Venice CF and turn of rest. The top spot is still colored in red and blue, a +1 from Venice, but has 2 games more of vittoriesi.

Tante le assenze tra le fila del Permac – including captain Modolo – but we celebrate the return to training with top ranks of injured Martinis and Bigrn, pedine molto importanti per lo scacchiere di coach Tommasella. The captain has to Ariadne Fattorel arm, dialing with Vittoria Gava on the right lane, Luna Da Ros and Carlotta central Martinis, the defensive line rossoblù, with the usual From Ronch in goal. The game starts in the best way, con la trequartista Canzi who scored the 1-0 goal after only 3 rounds of hands. the number 10 Permac transforms the best suggestion Brovedani eluding with a turn the intervention of the defender and kicking in the network to the right flight, where Merli no chance. Well done Pisula! The Gordige, currently in sixth position, macina buon gioco, pressing the vittoriesi and finding the draw directly from a corner kick to the minute 34′, approfittando di un’uscita non perfetta di Da Ronch, He can not hold the ball. The Rossoblu girls are the most important new benefit at the end of the first half: Trevino takes advantage of the short Merli referral, resiste al pressing della difesa avversaria e offre un assist in scivolata per l’accorrente Carlotta Gava, that bags 2-1.

In the second half the music does not change: The Rossoblu are able to get the upper hand on the opposing team despite playing below their potential. Al 62′ Sofia Bigaran back to goal dopo la partita di esordio del 6 October against Belluno, bagging left cross ladled into the box by Carlotta Gava, dopo una bella triangolazione sulla fascia sinistra con Trevisiol. Al 70′ comes the brace of a positive Canzi, it past the keeper first suggestion calibrated – with your head held high – Giulia Trevino, sempre dalla sinistra. Sembra il momento giusto per affondare il colpo decisivo, but it is the Gordige to get back in the game 75′ shortening distances on 4-2, this time with the help of the rearguard rossoblù. Guaraldo sends a nice free kick by 20 meters, From Ronch rejects short and the ball is prey to many 13 Sivieri, che può ribadire in rete industurbata. thinks Trevino to restore the distances after a couple of minutes: to the 77′ Cartelli recupera palla a centrocampo e lancia la numero 9, brava a eludere i difensori avversari e a infilare Merli sul primo palo. I'm 11 Young seals Rossoblu striker in this league. In full recovery, the Gordige trova la terza rete con un tiro dal vertice destro dell’area rossoblù, con una parabola di Sivieri che non lascia scampo a Da Ronch.

Provision by lights and shadows of Tosette rossoblù, which still show lucidity in front of goal and bring home the entire booty, coming to 9 wins 9 match disputati and managing to keep the scepter of best defense again.

The 14^ day (5return ^) see the Permac engaged away against the Padua, today in the standings with 4 ^ 21 points, Saturday 23 February at 18.00.
The match against Keralpen Belluno invece sarà recuperata Thursday 28 February all 18:30 at the Sports Center Costa di Vittorio Veneto.

We are waiting to cheer rossoblù!

(3'Canzi, 34'Guaraldo, 45′ Gava C., 62′ Bigrn, 70′ Canzi, 75′ Sivieri, 77′ Trevino, 92′ Sivieri)

Vittorio Veneto: the Ronch, Gava V. , Gava C., Da Ros, Martinis, Fattorel, Signs, BROVEDANI, Canzi, Bigrn (75′ Piccini), Trevino (85′ Marino)
All: L. Tommasella

Gordige: Merli, Pilotto, Braga G., Ferro, Mainardi, Guardaldo, Sartori, Faccilli, Braga S., Veronese, Tramarin
(Sivieri, Siviero, zanellato)
All: T. Nale

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