junior: Vittorio Veneto - Torino, he postponed match

The Tosette take the bull by the horns: the first leg of the semifinals is rossoblù

With a convincing performance, the Junior Mister Laura Tommasella take home the victory in the first leg semi-final against Torino Mister Tatiana Zorri. The first round is so Venetian, waiting for the return match which will be played Sunday 16 June in the grenade's den. The two goals by Ilaria Mella and the seal from outside the area captain Carlotta Modolo put a serious claim on the final tally, but nothing is decided yet in this challenge that you are faced with the prospect of 180 minutes. Mister Tomma part with Tomasi and Da Ros in central defense, with titolarissime Gava sisters on the outside. It always sees in midfield Arianna Signs and continues the experiment in midfield Coghetto.

The first half was fought, with Turin, which relies primarily on the technique of number 8 and 9. The first opportunity rossoblù comes from the left corner kick by Signs: Tomasi comes to speed for the gore and good and successful defense grenade to sweep on the line. Trevino is beautiful plots forward Mella, which at 10′ He comes to the conclusion after a right triangle with the number 9 Red Blue, but the shot is too central to create problems for the goalkeeper grenade. The first conclusion of Turin comes from the foot of Schirru, launched by the network number Angrisano: From Ronch not afraid to block the ball. Al 19′ Trevino injury forced to abandon the field to Gaia Maria Sovilla. The Rossoblu create good storyline: al 25′ arriva una buona conclusione da fuori area di Cartelli, blocked on the ground by the goalkeeper grenade. The growing Rossoblu led to 28′: Tomasi scodella in area un pallone da calcio di punizione che De Filippo non riesce a smanacciare . La palla giunge tra i piedi di Sovilla che calcia, finding opposition (from shooting you see the profit of hand surgery) Turin's defense; The referee says play on the action and Ilaria Mella it is good to stow the’1-0 vittoriese. The Turin responds first with a head shot Schirru, He fails to give power all'incornata, and then with Coluccio, which from outside the box is easy prey of gloves Da Ronch. A few minutes after the end of the first half, the Permac goes very close to the edge twice: the first with Mella, whose spizzicata in the bar area splinter. The second, with a shot from outside the box to Modolo, not restrained by De Filippo, that Canzi can not argue on the net from a tight angle and on which nearly reaches Coghetto.

The recovery is more intensely colored red and blue, with Tosette of Permac assaulting Torino looking doubling. Doubling that could take per minute 53: Carlotta Gava, starred in a very positive performance, He takes the ball on his belt and bowl with a perfect cross for Sovilla, who devours a single goal before the goalkeeper. The Turin responds 3 minutes later with his successor Boasso, launched from the back, that high kick to the left of Da Ronch. At the minute 64′ comes the double rossoblù: Sovilla made amends by serving an assist to kiss Mella, good to pierce De Filippo at the near post for two staff. The Rossoblu offensive arrows are hot: We also see the young Sossai grenade in area, inviting Sovilla shooting – rejected by the defense – that becomes an assist for the onrushing Mella, that shoots high. IS’ always the number 11 Rossoblu who has an excellent opportunity between pedi at 73′, of perfect cross again Carlotta Gava, but he fails to realize the third center. A minute later, Coghetto takes the stage: steals the ball outside the box, slalom through the defense grenade that ends with a little shot high over the bar. All’81’ It is annulled a goal to Turin, his shot di Boasso, for offside. The third center of Permac comes the minute 85 with a shot from outside the area captain Modolo, that picks up the suggestion by Mella free kick from the left. The Turin trial last pocketed in the final minutes of the game, but the striker grenade svirgola the ball at the time of conclusion.

It ends so on 3-0 the first challenge between Vittorio Veneto and Turin. The other semi-final in the calendar, – Grifo Perugia vs Vapa Virtus Napoli - ends 1-1

Appointment to Sunday 16 June to Turin for the second leg.

Always # UnUnicoCuoreRossoblù

(28′,64′ Mella, 85'Modolo)

PERMAC Vittorio Veneto
the Ronch, Tomasi, Da Ros, Gava C., Gava V., Modolo, Coghetto, Signs (60Sossai), Canzi (70"Bhigrn), Mella, Trevino (19′ Sovilla)
(Fattorel, Chicken, BROVEDANI, Piccini, Tomasella, Righetto)

De Filippo, Apuzzo, Coluccio, Banchiero, Boccardo, Dogliotti, Iuliano, Angrisano, Schirru, White, Ponati
(Magonaro, Spadin, Priotti, Munato, Calautti, Marguati,Molinar, Grasso, Boasso)

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