Maddalena Gallon, a new mafaldina to Sergio Fattorel court

New luxury arrow, already in full quiver of Giovanissime group of Mister Sergio Fattorel and Paolo Simonaggio. The brother Matteo (Head of the Youth Sector), He is organizing the arrival of the young talent class 2004, Maddalena Gallon.
absolute value Midfielder, already known to the Rossoblu colors for sharing with this group different football experiences in the past stagione. Further, important step to insert and mold in the beautiful mosaic that is being created in the working group of the two football masters above.

It is seen in the week at the Sports Center of Costa; to get acquainted with the new environment, for a couple of usual photos and answer some questions of presentation, waiting to see you soon in the field with the glorious jersey of Permac Vittorio Veneto.

Maddalena, Mister Fattorel already know that you compare with Gattuso, the emblem of those who never gives up. Tell us in your own words, how did you decide to play football?
” I chose to play soccer, soon after the start of my brother with the sport. I really enjoy, and is a beautiful team sport”

– After the experience with a male team, you chose to go to women. We reasons this choice?
” And, I chose to go from male to female, because sooner or later, I had to do it anyway, and it would remain only two more years (ed with Barbisano). Then this year a bit has changed’ Also my usual team with the boys, so I felt it was the right time to jump to the female.

– You already know Mister and companions. What do you think the coach?
” I already know the coach is most of my companions. It seems that the coach is good, friendly and competent.

– What are your goals here at Permac Vittorio Veneto?
” The main goals are to make great progress and keep playing for a long time, even at high levels.

What to say, ideas already very clear and precise despite his young age.
Looking forward to see you soon in the field….. WELCOME MAGDALENE.

John Bolzan

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