Who would like to: “Insieme a testa alta fino alla fine, nel calcio tutto può succedere”

On the edge of arithmetic, along the grasslands of a band, impossible to stop running. Karin Mantoani He knows and those deep and unexplored vertical routes has become master in these three vintages to the cause rossoblu service. Whether it is as offensive wing position or in that, covered with greater continuity in the last seasons, Outdoor low, Friuli-class'94 knitted 28 It has always been at the center of the tactical arena set up by the coach of the first team Permac. After the home draw last Sunday against Pordenone, that complicated but not broken ambitions salvation of the girls coach Fabio Toffolo, every centimeter of the field from here to the next, latest 3 days, It becomes even more valuable and important to win right from the opening bars. We feel then just from one of the Queen the Rossoblu changing how you live among Tose the eve of the trip to the ground against South Tyrol l'lowlands Ladies.

The 1-1 Barison the dreaded derby with Pordenone forces you, inevitably and even more, to give everything on the field are aware that from now on we will also want a number of positive coincidences from other fields

Last Sunday we faced a fierce rival in a hard-fought game, dour. We were conscious that we had to face a difficult match, against opponents who know us well and they would express extra motivation compared to the dynamics of the league. From here the next 3 Days everything will inevitably complicated, but we believe to the end because anything can happen. Vinciamole all and then see what will happen in the other fields.

How did you react to week, in anticipation of the trip tomorrow on the field dell'Unterland Damen?

These days we have continued to work hard, focusing in particular on the mistakes made last Sunday to try not to repeat them. In South Tyrolean land we take to the field to head up to face another crucial challenge, that will allow us to try to stay in the race, se sapremo dare il 100% dall’inizio alla fine.

A 270’ dalla fine non c’è più tempo di pensare, ma solo di crederci fino alla fine.

Finchè la matematica non ci condanna, continueremo a lottare per il nostro obiettivo. Siamo un gruppo forte e coeso e non molleremo l’osso fino all’ultimo secondo!

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