rossoblù market: Also the new bride Alice Bonassi Permac project

A further quality reinforcement is added to the row vittoriesi, corroborating – In the case – a goalkeepers park already the highest order, composed of the flag rossoblù Giulia Reginato and talent made in cantera From clear Ronch.

The Permac Vittorio Veneto was officially secured for next season in Serie Cadets sports performance of goalkeeper class 1992 Alice Bonassi, who starred in goal for the Tavagnacco well 5 overall championships in Serie A. The new goalkeeper rossoblù, Friuli Doc, lascia calcisticamente per la prima volta la propria Regione, after donning – in addition to Gialloblù – the uniforms of Pordenone and Udinese, covering between Juventus of the capital also the role of captain.
Alice ha scelto di indossare la casacca con il 25, number closely linked to his family sphere.

These are first words new goalkeeper Permac of house: I chose Vittorio Veneto because it has always been important to the company and I think is the right place to be able to give their best on the pitch, without forgetting the fundamental component “fun”. I married due mainly to my satisfaction, but at the same time for a friend who has struggled so much but can not continue to practice his favorite sport next season; in a sense, this year I want to play "for her”.
I hope to do well proving to be grown in recent years and to give my contribution to the cause of Vittorio Veneto. I would not have asked the specific objectives, if you do and always give and still the best of myself.”

#BenvenutaAlice # UnUnicoCuoreRossoblù

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