national Under 16: two out of two for Italy, still important the contribution Coghetto

ItalyPortugal 2-1 (Anghileri, Battelani)

Yet another great satisfaction with the neo-National Under 16 of Nazzarena Grilli.
After the important of Thursday against the Netherlands, the bluish afternoon get the victory against hosts Portugal. Result stashed already in first half with Anghileri and Battelani networks. A bit of pain in the second half with Lusitanian desperate search of an equalizer, But finding just the network 2-1 the end of penalty un po’ doubt. Good try even Giovanna Coghetto in the second time, to give a big hand forward, allowing the team to hold up better to the end of the game, consolidating the important final advantage.

Italy – Gilardi, D’Auria, Severini, My, Milan, Gentile, Giai, Anghileri, Battelani, Marchiori (Coghetto)

John Bolzan

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