Perugia - Vittorio Veneto, the Match Full report

The Tose celebrate the first goal in red and blue Flavia Devoto and riacciuffano Perugia with Gloria Frizza, but still it lacks something to rediscover the joy of 3 points

crucial day in that of Perugia for Tose. On the way to salvation, The Rossoblu meet the Perugia, Bringing up the tail of the league and the team against which the Vittorio Veneto celebrated the last win in the league, dated 27 October 2019.

The starting XI scelte da Mister Diego Bortoluzzi per questa sfida salvezza vedono una sola modifica rispetto alla formazione messa in campo contro la Roma CF, with Silvia Cimarosti deployed from the first minute in place of Karin Mantoani. The module chosen by Bortoluzzi to open the dances is the 4-3-3.

Start crackling Perugia 2 'minutes away close to scoring on the kick from the left of Tuteri: Fiorucci does not hook and Reginato manages to deflect the ball. On riveted Federiconi takes over the crossbar. The prompt reaction of Vittorio Veneto is entrusted to pull Devoto by Flavia 25 meters, but the conclusion of the class 2000 on loan from Juventus goes out weakly to the right of Bayol.
At the minute 8 It is still Perugia, with an inspired Fiorucci che calcia in porta dopo aver tagliato fuori la difesa rossoblù: the conclusion of the number 9 But it is ending its run off, the right Reginato.
The Permac seems to undergo the game of Grifoncelle, struggling to find the right mechanisms for effective ball around.
Reginato conquers the stage per minute 11: Devoto download ball backwards taking counterattack Tomasi and favoring the insertion of Di Fiore that takes power, But finding the right answer in the number 1 Red Blue, with Martinelli who completes the work sweeping the area.
At 16 'the Permac went close to the lead with a beautiful right Furlan, which, however, it turns off the eternal network: De Martin is very good at defending ball in the area at the limit and to dish a dangerous ball in the middle. Bayol prolongs the parable with the fist, help close the numbers 20 rossoblù, per dedizione e impegno messo in campo sempre, It deserves the joy of the goal.
At 21 'the Permac had a good opportunity from a free kick: the ball is the number 10 Domi, But that does not exploit the high-kicking opportunities.
The Perugia Meanwhile grind game and minute 24 is the lead Fiorucci: the defense of Permac is completely cut off the beaten kick from behind by Zelli. the number 9 have it easy face to face with the innocent Reginato and beats with a touch below that gives the 1-0 the hosts. A Permac that seems to have that hunger necessary to address crucial match like this, with Mr. Bortoluzzi who continually seeks to reshuffle the cards in the field to find the right set-up to its formation.
Al 42’ interesting percussion Zuliani that, starting from midfield, sowing panic in the rear of grifoncelle and bowl in the center area an inviting ball that Captain De Martin fails to impact, anticipated by Boyle.
Nearly the stroke of half time arrives, very beautifull, il primo gol in rossoblù di Flavia Devoto. the number 24 rossoblù sigla il draw con un tiro da fuori area a giro sul secondo palo, powerful and precise, that slips below the seven to the left of the extreme defender. The joy of Tose explodes for a network that can and must provide the impetus for a second time more convincing.

The second village starts without changes for both teams. They spend 5 minutes to watch it and still the number 1 the Permac Reginato to defuse a cross from Zelli shot from the right, decisively sweeping the area rossoblù.
At 53 'greedy opportunity for Permac: Foltran triggers Devoto on the left wing. The rush to use the ball of the number 24 it's perfect, as its call on the goal for the onrushing Domi che mal gestisce la sfera, in fact giving the ball to Bylon.
Following the most classic of football laws, at the wrong goal, He follows the goal conceded. Al 57’ It arrives as a cold shower on doubling of Perugia, always with Fiorucci: Reginato is very good to effectively oppose the first shot of the attacker number 9, but nothing can be riveted to the network that is overtaking.
The Permac suffers stroke and 2 minutes later it is still Fiorucci to go close to the triplet of Zelli cross, but the conclusion of the number 9 It is locked smoothly by Reginato gloves.
The Permac fails to build game, while Fiorucci, definitely the most inspired among the ranks of Perugia, to 66 'located Reginato careful to block her way toward the triplet.
At the minute 69 Piai, subentrata al 55’ a una spenta Cimarosti, He tries to give the post to his with a powerful shot from outside the box, which, however, it fails to address the inside of the door mirror.
Al 73’ Tommasella, who had taken over from captain De Martin (now the band is on the arm Reginato), It has the right to the option of the game in a draw, but his sports car perfectly addressed in the network is intercepted by the defense Perugia. And 'the prelude to draw of Vittorio Veneto: Piai is wins a free kick on the right and masterfully beats, difficulties in putting the Bylon that badly smanaccia. On the sphere pounced like a hawk Gloria Frizza, for the classic goal of the former. Al 76 minute′ is 2-2 ball in the middle, for a game that offers the excitement peaks despite a not exciting game. At the minute 80 occasionissima still on foot Frizza, whose conclusion to kick the Tommasella corner is scrambled away Perugia of the goal line, dopo l’uscita non perfetta di Bylon.
85'Is Devoto, served in a through from Zuliani, to try to surprise the far post Bylon, but the ball just was not strong enough to trouble the goalkeeper and captain of the house.
At 87 'Piai over southpaw he has an opportunity for overtaking: Domi is good to throw the numbers 9 on the left wing, che punta la diretta avversaria e scocca un tiro potente sul quale si oppone di piede Bylon, saving the result. The rossoblù finish the match in attack, trying several times the three-point goals, but after 3 'minutes of recovery, Mr.. Marchiori decide to close the curtain on the meeting.
A draw, good, It has just the fact of seeing the Tose recover twice the disadvantage.

Da Novi Ligure, the next long trip for 4 return ^, We have to come back with 3 points, who are more than ever essential to go back in a reassuring zone of the league.
They serve, anytime, even stronger, the head, the heart and the legs of a sparkling color rossoblù.


(24'Fiorucci, 45'Devoto, 57'Fiorucci, 76'Frizza)

Perugia: Minutes of, Monetini, Ferretti, Tuterö, Brozzetti (78'Peas), Fiorucci (74'Ceccarelli), mooring, Federiconi, Di Fiore, zeal, Boyle
Available: Bear, Serluca, Petrarca, Rosmini, Moscatelli, Bortolato
Coach: Valeriano Recchi

Vittorio Veneto: Reginato, Martinelli, Tomasi (72'Who would like to), Foltran (72'Mella), Domi, Frizza, Cimarosti (55’ Piai), De Martin (55'Tommasella), Furlan, Devotee, Zuliani
Available: Bonassi, Mancuso, Sovilla, Modolo, Zilli
Coach: Diego Bortoluzzi

Yellow Cards: Who would like to

Referee: Marco Marchioni section. Rieti
assistants: Marco d'Ottavio section. Rome 2, Giampaolo Jorgji sez. Albano Laziale

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