Chi ben if you prepare, It is half the battle. They say Andrew and Alice

Imagine that a game is a film. The players are the main players, coaches directors, vice are the assistant director and so on, up to those roles included in the credits – photography, mounting, scenography, hair and makeup – but are an integral part of the success of the film.
These roles shadows, in football, are those that lead to the athletes hand out to right preparation technique, athletic and mental, creating the right conditions for actors and directors play good football!

Let's venture so behind the scenes Quarry rossoblu to know a little’ closer Andrea Bellotto and Alice De Val.
Andrea has in his hands the growth of young Goalie rossoblu, Alice has the responsibility to care for and manage the athletic training of Juniors. Young, prepared and enthusiastic, They answered some morrow.

Andrea, per te è la quarta stagione in rossoblu: this summer the umpteenth confirmation came. How are things to Victor and as you are with the coaches of Quarry?
Vittorio Veneto things go well, because I found a company formed by people with great moral and sporting values. The company has always had faith in my ability and I would like to thank all. With Mister Simonaggio is the second year of collaboration, while it is the first with Mister and Mister Tommasella Vanni: I feel good with them because there is a lot of dialogue and respect, which it allows us to manage it right workouts.

Alice, you too, as Laura Tommasella, you have been called by the company to play a dual role this year. How are you juggling and how is collaboration with Mister Tomma?
The experience is going very well say. Working with Mister Tomma then challenging and rewarding, also because it is very involved in the preparation of its athletes, curious to understand the exercises and their purpose, and it is definitely an added value for the whole team.

Andrea: we know that the role of the goalkeeper is very delicate and technical, especially in women, where often the physical does not help. What it is the most important thing you want to teach your goalkeepers?
To my goalkeepers I would like to convey the values ​​and the passion I have for the sport, in addition to education, important for me. The role of the goalkeeper is very delicate, especially mentally, and technical errors can sometimes weigh on the psychology of the player. This is why I try to understand first of all that calcium for their age is above all a game! We must learn much, trying to go beyond your limits, with the knowledge that if you fail, nothing is happening.

Alice: Who better than you can tell us in a few words how valuable proper physical preparation, and why?
The human body is a machine and just like a car needs to be "coupons" to function well and for a long time. The athletic training must be cured in every detail: force, speed, strength and joint mobility. Having a good athletic training, hopefully from a young age, It allows athletes to express themselves in the best way on the playing fields.

Andrea: between confirmations and new entries, how has it changed your group of goalkeepers?
I'm happy to be working with Denise, Tessa and Marta, thus having the opportunity to continue the growth path together. Kamila and Chiara, la new entry, also they train with the first team, definitely an added incentive for them. Our group is always open: happened, for example, that some mafaldina'd like to try an exercise to be "number one".

Alice: are you satisfied of the work done to date? See your athletes ready to debut in the league 6 October?
We are working well and you can already see the discrete improvements. Unfortunately for business reasons can not be present on the field, but the ongoing confrontation with Mr. Tomma means that the work programs are prepared in a targeted manner.

Andrea: What would you say to a girl / girl who wants to start playing football, just as goalkeeper?
Are you sure of what you're doing??? Obviously I am joking! It is not a simple thing to find boys / girls who want to be a goalkeeper: We have to have a small dose of madness, as they say ... "goalkeepers born". For this I would try to transform the "madness” firmly in, thus indicating the uniqueness of the role, transmitting positivity and especially courage. I would try to put objectives to be achieved, because that is where everything changes!

Alice: what is that thing, maybe after this season, you will say “I did a good job "?
Unfortunately the work of athletic trainer is measured in accidents, quindi si mira ad averne il meno possibile durante la stagione. Un obiettivo che mi sta particolamente a cuore però, It would be able to make it clear to my athletes that athletic training is important, for their physical and their performance. They are not just exercises "boring", but it is much more!

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