Reginato: “Concentrated and with feet on the ground, Marcon serious points to be won”

The star of last season in Serie A as a defensive orchestra director of Tose, in this beginning of the season the number 1 rossoblu Giulia Reginato has had to deal with numerous physical problems that have limited its use among holders by Mr. De Biasi. Present in the match against Arezzo, “Ciuki” He has since handed over the lead role in goal to Sarah Ferin, protagonist of excellent performances that have contributed to the figure almost immaculate relating to goals conceded. Waiting to see her again in the field, we hear these words that is the atmosphere at the top of the standings and just days before the big match against Marcon, First tracker -4 behind the Permac.

Data in hand, Vittorio Veneto at the moment is the team to beat in the league. How are you living this good time on and off the field?

Yes, we know we are the team to beat at the moment, but it's just one more reason to do even better, because the enemy will always give us the 110%. This good start we are living with peace and committing ourselves to each workout, aware that the skill of a team is to stay on top of continuing to prove to be worth the ranking. We therefore remain with our feet on the ground because the championship is long and we're just beginning.

Sunday Marcon an important game with a thousand stimuli, among the sweet memories of the past and the rivalry on the field that continues in the present. Do you believe that the memory of the decisive point for the promotion, won 2 seasons ago on that very field, will affect in the match? What game do you expect?

Definitely come back on that field will give certain emotions to some of us, but will be positive vibrations that will transform the desire to obtain an important result for the championship. The past is the past now, now it counts just stay focused to bring home serious points. I expect a tough game because certainly Marcon has always given us a hard time. Both teams will give everything they have to win, for this I expect a thrilling and spectacular game to be savored.

In this season you have only played the opening match against Arezzo, and then remained in the pits due to injury. How are you? How do you live competition this year with Sarah Ferin, who has well started his first season rossoblu?

As a start to the season has not been the best in the physical plane, but now that I'm better I would give my concrete contribution to the team. The presence of Sara allowed to cure my ailments without worries of mind for society, given its quality in goal. I'm sure that when we're both in the form of healthy give headaches to Mister and believe it is right and beautiful way.

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