Rossoblù is good: Tose and well Tosette in double test with Citadel

Check-in completed. The taxiway dell’Air Force Permac verso il decollo dei campionati, in a October to live intensely cabrando with spread wings, is the synthetic dell'ermo Colle (Umberto) Sunday the scene of a double juicy test match against a reality sports superior. The Lady Granata Citadel, fledgling sports reality of Padua province enrolled in Serie B and formed by the merger of Pro San Bonifacio + Bassano Female, It occurs in the Upper Treviso with Puppy training and First Team ready to oppose Tosette mister and Laura Tommasella Tose of coach Fabio Toffolo. An appointment peer stimulating for all ages: refining for smaller to 7 days by start championship, challenging for Senior ad ancora due settimane dall’attesissimo kick-off Official in Series C.

The first to take the field at the beginning of the afternoon are the teams Spring, in front of a large and curious audience to enjoy first brushstrokes of "mister Tomma" Hand Team rossoblù. The Tosette start with 4-3-1-2 in cui Canzi danza alle spalle di Sovilla e Mella per incunearsi, if necessary,pointe added within the offensive schemes rossoblù. The first few minutes slip away in equilibrium, with midfield Permac filter to do well in an attempt to contain the first offensive brand gusts Grenade. Al 9'But the visitors fought to unlock the first shot on goal, thanks to a precise diagonal Da Canal of action drawn up by the left-handed end that leaves no way to Da Ronch. The Rossoblu are not watching, 5 minutes after Canzi is unfortunate in the center the mast of De Bona door with a conclusion within the limit, on the tap-in Sovilla backwards with the body fails equal sending high. neither 60 seconds later the City collects the first timber of the challenge, Since even with the Canal 25 meters accurate – well too – baptize in the corner of the goal to the right of Da Ronch. The game is fun, the Tosette express a fast and purposeful football – first traces of a certain Tommismo in the game – with Rati and Mella stressed often create with the ball from. The visitors try to enforce the category of difference appearing twice around the half hour from the parts of the Ronch, the extreme Pordenone former defender is good and always attentive to the low output to deny the possible doubling Citadel. On the other side Sovilla, with a right to get out of 20 meters, wise the gloves of the seal of De Bona ushering in a final time in growing and leading to the equivalent of at Tosette 2' from the end. It is precisely the bomber Belluno fishing Ilaria Mella with a filtering delicious at mid-height in the central position, converted into network number from blonde 11 with a touch below out of reach and reflections of De Bona.

The goal cashed in the final lap triggers the reaction of the City to start shooting, From Ronch but it is still careful to say no to Da Canal and Bistaffa. Mister Tommasella fits Bigrn al posto di Sovilla ed è proprio la new entry a riportare il Permac dalle parti di De Bona, albeit with a large blow to the left of the number 1 Grenade. After another nice rejected by the feet in small area of ​​Da Ronch of Trevisan, the game enters a phase of involution inevitable due to the swirl of change from side to side. To turn the climate friendly prestige thinks the numbers 5 grenade Channel to the 77’ with a surgical free-kick around the 20 meters that is the new benefit of the Citadel. 4'After the visitors were also a step away from 3-1 with cross cultured from Fassin, Tosette but they are not going to be spoiling mood and the result is equal to riacciuffano 6’ dalla fine con una zampata di Ilaria BROVEDANI, after a beat and replies of the defense before the end of the same number 8 Red Blue. In the end you take the applause Marta Facchin, Since taking over for Ronch, author of an operation far from trivial with prompting hand on cue Fassin. Ends 2-2 l’amichevole tra le Juniores, with many excellent ideas of technical and tactical reflection on the one hand and on the other.

JUNIORS: PERMAC Vittorio Veneto – LADY GRENADE CITADEL 2-2 (9'Da Canal, 43'Mella, 77'Da Canal, 84'Brovedani)

PERMAC: the Ronch (Facchin), When (Nadia), Martinis, Da Ros (Piccini), Fattorel, Signs (Pizzolato), Wain, BROVEDANI, Canzi, Sovilla (Bigrn), Mella.

CITADEL: Bona, Tognon, Bernardi (Pozza), Marcolin, Channel, Bistaffa (Boaretto), Giacobbo, Dissegna, Chakir, Dal Fior (Fassin), Trevisan (Bellamo).

Following, the Tose of Toffolo coach – to count actual, including aches and work commitments – divided grenade found in most of the opposing face last season in the lower division with the jersey of Pro Sambo. Packaged with the experimental measurements, but not too much, of a 4-2-3-1 con il trio Stefanello-Martin-de Zanon ad agire alle spalle del terminale offensivo Coghetto, the rossoblù demonstrate good pace from the first minutes with targeted verticalizations and a good lap ball to 1:00 to 2:00 touches. The game lives on claw on the one hand and on the other in the middle of the field, bomber Piai – deployed by necessity in central defense alongside Martinelli – does not renounce to break away in the projection of the left sull'out, Toffolo enough to convince people to exchange it Captain Da Ros in the role of external defense. The first jolt to the match quarter of an hour it is rossoblù, Martinelli projected peremptory on the opposing frontline fishing with a delicious low tracer Da Ros tight left area, the conclusion of the diagonal Captain is rejected centrally by Toniolo, De Martin deceived by an abnormal bouncing ball fails tap-in. In the house grenade, the conductor of the attack is Francisca Yeboaa, Proven behind Zorzan and Kastrati. The Ghanaian striker to 27'Tries to open her own personal action in the heart of the rearguard rossoblù, masterful and precious it's feet after a Michela Martinelli to avoid the conclusion face to face with Reginato. The counterattacks, Adri De Martin nearly gave back with a sloping from right 25 meters that caresses the top of the grenade cross. The City tries to manage the game better, le Tose rispondono colpo su colpo e sembrano in grado di congelare il punteggio sino al termine della prima frazione. A scombussolare l’ordine costituito ci pensa ancora Yeboaa, that 50 secondi dalla fine sorprende a sinistra la retroguardia rossoblù con una gran palla filtrante per Kastrati, la cui prima conclusione è respinta centralmente con i pugni da Reginato, che nulla può sulla ribattuta a rete della numero 18 del Citta. At the interval is 0-1.

La ripresa è a più basso tasso di emozioni ed azione salienti, tra esperimenti tattici, scelte tecniche e una certa stanchezza complessiva. Le Tose tengono comunque molto bene il campo, senza sfigurare al cospetto di una squadra pronta alla B nazionale e anzi controllando la gestione della sfera per buona parte del tempo, in particolare con una più che positiva Vanessa Stefanello. At the end note di merito per entrambi i portieri, con Toniolo attenta fino all’ultimo su Zanon e De Martin, e dall’altra parte Da Ronch in campo per Reginato protagonista su Perobello, a chiusura di un pomeriggio multitasking e ricco di esperienza.

FIRST TEAM: PERMAC Vittorio Veneto – LADY GRENADE CITADEL 0-1 (44’ Kastrati)

PERMAC: Reginato (the Ronch), Furlan, Martinelli, Piai, Da Ros, Zanella (Tommasella), Foltran, Stefanello, De Martin, Zanon (Mella), Coghetto (Sovilla).

CITADEL: Toniolo, Sossella, Schiavo, Casarotto, beans, Baldo (Mila), Galvan, Meggiolaro (Perobello E.), Yeboaa (Awning), Zorzano (Pizzolato), Kastrati (De Vincenzi).

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