Youth sector: Under 17 chasing points and debutants back on the field

With Spring stops for the championship break, il palcoscenico del fine settimana del settore giovanile è tutto per Under 17 and Beginners.

All 15.30 di sabato ritornano a correre sul rettangolo verde le Debutant The coach Natasha Piai, per la prima partia della fase Primaverile del loro campionato. They will face away the same age of the Cappella Maggiore. The first scheduled game, initially scheduled for Saturday 8 February, It will be recovered in the coming weeks.

L’Under 17 di Mister De Biasi, dopo lo stop di sabato scorso per il rinvio del match contro la S.P.A.L., giocherà in casa la 6return ^. Opponent of the day Venice Women, leg that had fought for 1-0 the Rossoblu. There is a great desire for redemption from the ranks of the Cadet, now share 12 points, but with a game in hand over their opponents (16 points for them). Mr. De Biasi will have some pawn in more from the Spring, given suspended from the league's Under 19.

Coach Natasha Piai He tells us about the situation at home Beginners, after the long winter break: “The championship pause did not mean stop working. Surely there were more playful workouts to get away for a moment the plug, but always with the goal of working to 100%. The last month has been difficult because of seasonal illnesses that have weakened the rose, but I hope to be back soon to have all my players available! It starts and this must be already a charge. The girls want to come back to play, now only need to prove it in the green rectangle and Saturday afternoon workout after workout!”

Break championship

Under 17
Permac Vittorio Veneto vs Venezia Women
Saturday 15 February 2020 hours 17.30
Revine Lago TV

Cappella Maggiore vs Permac Vittorio Veneto
Saturday 15 February 2020 hours 15.30
Cappella Maggiore TV (because of the walls)

For those who could not cheer the young red and blue from the stands, gli aggiornamenti sull’andamento dei match saranno disponibili sui canali social della società Facebook and Instagram



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