Youth Space: splendid success of debutants, Mafaldine the struggle with determination

Illuminated by the talent of its young protagonists and corroborated by the tireless work of all the staff, Technical and beyond, Cantera is always for the Rossoblu spring. And even while training, with the P capital, Matthew Fattorel lives its period of stand-by waiting commitment Cup against Udinese, we think the Mafaldine small and large to dispense with today's emotions fueling hopes for tomorrow gaudy rossoblu.


Memorable performance of enfants terribles of Permac home Costa in the presence of Tarzo Revine Lago. He is having stood up to the guests in the first half, rossoblu take the limelight going to score in the second half with good and De Martin, preventing opponents even in the third and final part of the race to find the path of the network. A stunning success, a final confirmation of all the progress made in the nest full of enthusiasm and amalgamated by the expert hands of Sergio tactics Fattorel.

PERMAC Vittorio Veneto – Tarzo Revine Lago (0-0/2-0/0-0)

PERMAC: 1 Brescacin, 2 Zandegiacomi, 3 found, 4 C. Salvador, 5 S. Salvador, 6 good, 7 Presented, 8 De Conti, 9 Bottan, 10 De Martin, 11 Furlan, 13 A. Scotton, 14 V. Scotton, 15 Fantuzzi.

  • very young

Double commitment in a few days for Mafaldine shaped by duo Sergio Fattorel-Paul Simonaggio. Before the difficult commitment, last Sunday, on the field of the second force in the league Cordignano, over with a net 9-1 in favor of the hosts and the network of branded banner Ilaria Mella.

Then the home league Recovery, Thursday evening, against the Santa Giustina, Match and more affordable with the very young Rossoblu into the game in the game and in scoring for most of the challenge. In the first half, After a beautiful parade at Caon 9‘ guest of punishment, the Permac stings dangerously with Mella and Trevino in a couple of occasions: the goalkeeper saved well in the first situation and find the providential rescue of a companion on the goal line in the action following. Al 17‘ is the Santa Giustina unlock the challenge with an empty goal this indecision on the number 1 vittoriese. A few minutes later Lion missing the point likewise from close range and, on counter, Santa Giustina realizes the 2-0 exploiting tap-in the rebound of Caon on a kick off. in the second half, with the knife between the teeth, the Mafaldine are reported in shortening the game 7‘ with the winning seal Bortolin Corner of soccer action. The Rossoblu press and, after having been close to equal to 11 ', find it to 16‘ with perfect lunges bomber Trevino other action on the corner. The Permac keeps up the pressure until the insult to 22′, when the referee awarded a rather dubious penalty guests, so that realize the 3-2. Despite forcing the final applause, the Mafaldine out of the match with no points in his pocket.

PERMAC Vittorio Veneto – SANTA GIUSTINA 2-3

PERMAC: Caon, When, Chicken, Bortolin, De Nadai, Everyone's, Mella, Fabris, Lion, Trevino, Marin. (Facchin, Gasparetto, Sossai, Pizzolato, Dal Mas, Furlan, Bukovcic)

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