Cantera speciale: Interview with Arianna Fattorel

Landed in football a bit’ later than the average of her companions, she fell in love right away the fullback role and the red and blue colors (not necessarily in that order). with Morgan, Boattin Rosucci as footballers and muses, Arianna Fattorel (a surname, a warranty), tells us how important technique and give their best, in the field and in life, always having fun with their teammates.

At what age did you start playing football and why did you come to this sport?
I started playing football at 14 age, when my cousin decided to start practicing it and asked me to try with her. Since I had always enjoyed as a sport, but I had initially chosen to practice another discipline, I took the opportunity to accept. I always played with the Permac: Initially I chose it due to its proximity to home, for the fact that I already knew some girls who were playing there. I found from the start really well and I never left this shirt.

Have you always played as a fullback?
Having never played before, the first year I tried a little’ all roles, but from the second I started to move towards the role of full-back.
I immediately felt in the right place, because during a game you can move along the strip and take part in both defensive actions to offensive ones.

Is there a player or player which inspires?
I've always had a soft spot for Alex Morgan, Lisa Boattin and Martina Rosucci and lately in the men I follow Coutinho. Because of school I never much time, but I would love to have the opportunity to see them play live.

Among the technique and imagination, in your opinion, What is more important in football?
Technique and creativity are definitely two very important qualities in the sport, but I think we must continuously improve the technical; without having a good ball control, imagination helps, but little.

You have a dream as far as football?
Let's say that I have always loved this sport since childhood, but my thought, not only as far as football, but for all future choices, It is that you must always give my best and seize the moment. I must say that in this case my little dream is to play one day with my name on the jersey.

What are your personal goals for this season?
My goal is actually always the same: improvements in the game and have fun together with my companions!

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