Cantera speciale: interview with Sarah Furlan

Captain courageous and passionate Debutant rossoblù, dreams of becoming big on soccer fields following the example of another captain, to the First Team. grit, passion and determination are just some of the features that make Sara Furlan una giovane ma importantissima pedina dello scacchiere di Mister Vanni.
Know them more closely.

At what age did you start playing and where it started your adventure in the green rattangolo?
I started playing 5 age, then 8 Years ago, in a male team (a.s.d. Football Godega) and 3 anni fa sono arrivata al Permac Vittorio Veneto.

How do you feel with your team and the coach?
With my team, I am very well, but especially with coach Matthias Vanni and Paul Simonaggio.

Where does your passion for football?
I always liked to play soccer, even as a child I watched television and played with my friends.

In that role play and which player / player inspire you?
Game center backs, I am inspired by Francesca Da Ros, the captain of the first team, e Patrick Cutrone.

How do you live the role of captain?
I live the role with responsibility for the new entries and with deep respect for the veterans, my teammates that I know for some time.

Hai un sogno nel cassetto per il tuo futuro nel calcio?
And, il mio sogno è quello di crescere calcisticamente e di arrivare ad alti livelli.

How important is it for you to have the support of your parents?
I miei genitori sono sempre stati dell’idea che fare uno sport che mi piace sia importante, and I'm happy to have their support and their encouragement.

It gives us a reason why people should come and see your games and to cheer rossoblù?
Why do we put the grit and passion, winning or losing is not important to this category, but we give the maximum, we have fun and let's grow together. And the presence of fans gives us the energy to face opponents.

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