Tomasi: “A tough derby but we don't want to stop, what a joy the decisive goal in Portogruaro”

Hi-Five to fly high. Find – and finally be able to fully enjoy – the statuesque pragmatism and sumptuous dynamism of one iron lady of the rear as the number 5 Jade Tomasi represents, for the whole rossoblù environment, one of the happiest stories in this positive part of the season in the name of growth and performance.

Finally put behind the repeated and tormenting physical troubles of a 2020 everything to forget, the Lynx of Cellina she returned in the new year first against Le Torri and – after a new little stop&go between camp and infirmary – last Sunday at Portogruaro's home, signing with a paw as a consummate sniper of the small area decisive network with which the Tose have conquered the “Mecchia” in Venetian land. A few hours from the historic and heartfelt derby at the Barison against Padua, in the match valid for the’undicesima giornata Group B Series C, from the Pordenone class of 1999 we hear thoughts and words from the pulsating myocardium of the Permac dressing room.

Return to the field and embellish the third consecutive victory of the season with the decisive goal: after so much bad luck, finally we needed such a vivid and intense joy, on a personal as well as a group level.
The thrill of finally being able to return to full capacity was great. I couldn't wait to get back on the pitch after all these months off and, beyond the impromptu presence against Le Torri, do it in such an important game, where to bring home the three points was essential, it made me even happier. The goal was simply the icing on the cake, a special moment full of intense shades, especially because I wanted to dedicate it to a special person, or our former DG Giovanni “Joe” Bolzan. Ogni volta che indosso questi colori e scendo in campo per me è come fosse ancora lì, in its place with us, and I firmly believe that when it comes to my goal, there is a bit of his hand. As an overall performance, certamente non siamo state brillantissime e abbiamo commesso alcune leggerezze decisamente evitabili. In the end, however, we took home the result, e la consapevolezza che possiamo fare ancora meglio di così.

Another particularly intense derby is expected against Padova, in the wake of the tradition of confrontations in the field between Permac and the Paduan team.
During the week we worked hard to prepare for the next match, the group seemed to me to be very excited and for our part we know that we will go out there to face a new challenge that is particularly convincing. Per quanto ci riguarda mi aspetto una bella prestazione, che possa ripetere e magari migliorare quanto espresso contro le nostre avversarie nel girone eliminatorio di Coppa Italia, even if several months have passed since then and many things have certainly changed, for them as for us. Ogni partita rimane un confronto a sé, anche se in questo momento la fiducia non ci manca di certo e abbiamo il grande desiderio di riuscire a portare avanti la striscia di risultati positivi ottenuti fino a qui.

A year has now passed since the last Serie B match in Novi Ligure: what does it mean for you to have gone through a year so full of upheavals and to have remained a pillar even in this “new course” rossoblù in the Third Series?
A year ago my ordeal of injuries began but, albeit from the grandstand, ricordo il grande cuore e l’immensa voglia con cui strappammo 3 recovery points in comeback, from which to start again with confidence and renewed ambitions in Serie B. Despite everything that happened in the following months, staying in Vittorio Veneto was an absolutely natural choice for me. I feel very lucky to be seen as an important member of this group, cerco di mettere sempre tutta me stessa in campo e spero di riuscire a trasmettere anche alle mie compagne più giovani questa “characteristic”, together with some "tricks" of the trade that I learned in my turn during my however short career.

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