All the numbers of 2020: among the new advancing, It is always Tommalandia

Don’t look back in anger. The2020 We are preparing, finally, to definitively lower their shutters and leave the scene, ready to be archived as the least regretted year of this first laughable glimpse of the Third Millennium. It is difficult to analyze the dynamics of the field in such a solar season fatal, afflicted not only by the universal pandemic vicissitudes, but above all from the incredible and very close series of mourning that hit the Vittorio Veneto Permac to the heart, depriving it of historical and fundamental mechanisms from a human point of view, well before being sporty.

Forgetting is impossible, but moving forward is necessary, with the healthy one (and never naive) dose of optimism that is the salt, even in the most insipid expectation of a glimmer of normality from’coming year. With ardor, confidence and hope to be able to breathe and chew football played since Mid January, as shown by the LND calendars, let's take a look at the salient numbers, to the protagonists and to the curiosities of what is offered by the field in this Solar Year 2020:

  • I did 13: always in the beard (and sideburns) to superstition, this is the number of official matches played by the Tose in 2020. 7 in Serie B (from the trip to the Chievo field on 5 January to the blow on the ground of the Novese on 23 February, before the final seasonal suspension), 3 in Series C (from the debut on 11 October in Bressanone to the challenge, just two weeks later, in that of Oristano), 3 in the Italian Cup of Serie C (the commitments in the seasonal elimination round with Le Torri, Padua and Portogruaro) for a total of 3 victories, 4 Draws and 6 Defeats, with 18 networks created e20 suddenly.
  • 'O Master' and House: 31 the players who tasted the pitch wearing the rossoblu First Team jersey this calendar year, da capitan Karin Mantoani sino alla fresca new entry made in Cantera Sarah Aiming, the last in order of time to experience the thrill of his debut with the Tose in the second half of the match in Oristano.
  • But what do they know 2000?: They know, they know. Thanks to the generational change sharpened by the return to Serie C, among the protagonists with Permac colors is an absolute draw between Millennials and Post-Millennials: 14 girls who took to the field this year were born between 1990 and the 1999, as many between 2000 and the 2003. The golden age from the 1980s it resists thanks to the stainless steel Laura Tommasella, flanked in the last phase in B by contemporaries Gloria Frizza and Michela Martinelli.
  • Stachanov chi?: Once again it is highlander Tomma to confirm himself as essential standard-bearer of the rossoblù tactical smasher, only player used by coaches Diego Bortoluzzi and Massimo Zoni in all 13 matches played this year. I know the number 22 rossoblù - message to Pfizer: once vaccine production is completed, we await the first official tests for cloning - it stands out in terms of overall tokens in front of old and new companions, is Monica Furlan with her family1144 total minutes of use in the field (in 12 Attendance) to conquer the absolute palm ofmaipiusenzaof the year. Note of merit for four other young prospects, used continuously in this very first part of the new season by Mr. Zoni: Carlotta Gava, Carlotta Martinis and Elena Govetto have in fact played all 579 minutes of the first courses 6 shifts played from September to today. In addition to Laura Tommasella, naturally.
  • Bomber in time: thetop scorerof the rossoblù solar year is… a defender! In absolute terms, it is in fact the former central defender Gloria Frizza who won the palm of pichichi thanks to the ben 4 networks (brace with Novese and scoring against Chievo and Perugia) made in January and February in Serie B. Among the actual ones with still the colors vittoriesi imprinted on the skin, the top scorer in terms of performance it is the class 2002 Ilaria Mella, author of 3 goals and as many assists in 12 Attendance. Stands out, for best overall average goal, Deborah Zilli, hit every 102 at the start of the season′, just over one goal per game including injury time. The Vittoria team is confirmed to be able to send most of its protagonists on the field online: are well-10 Permac players who have entered their name on the scoresheet at least once in the current calendar year.
  • The solitude of prime numbers: 3 the extreme defenders alternated between the goalposts of Vittorio Veneto, in a defensively difficult year at times. But let it be the former historic number 1 Giulia Reginato, both the current lighthouse keepers Alice Bonassi and Chiara Da Ronch, they have often and willingly offered capital and decisive performances for the purpose of the most flattering final results. Just think of the mammoth proof of the number 25 Friulian in the championship match in mid-October against Isera: simply Fort Knox, to the point of being elected MVP of the day of the entire Serie C championship.
  • The Cantera goes boom: Not an easy year even for the rossoblù youth teams, in any case protagonists of great results considering the fire tests in the respective, tough championships of competence. For the Primavera of Mr. Massimo Zoni – rightly promoted to the First Team and replaced by the return to the bench of the multitasking Laura Tommasella – the satisfaction of being able to always play almost evenly in a National Championship against opponents that are much more popular and equipped. The successes against Riozzese remain engraved in the memory, Novese and Ravenna and the resistance and solidity tests against Juventus, Inter and Orobica. Very good results also for the Giovanissime by Dario De Biasi and the Esordienti by Natasha Piai, in turn elevated in rank after the excellent performances in the provincial championship with the smaller ones.
  • Best Memories: Two flashes to remember with intact joy and great emotion, in spite of everything. The first can only be the last Serie B success of 23 February in Novi Ligure, a capital match with an incredible final comeback. The last 3 points in Serie Cadetta, the last trip with Joe. In this incipit of the new season the success on the second day of the championship against Isera stands out: the return to victory after so many tears and so much darkness, with a completely renewed team and new ambitions to start writing with the ink of the best dreams.

To never see us again 2020, Welcome 2021. Tose Force! Best wishes to all, the best is (hopefully) yet to come!

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