“Dr. Laura and Mr. Tomma”: the new dual challenge of Laura Tommasella

some alchemy, simply, are fires that can not be shut down. Every summer, that season of the year and the horse heart of old budgets and new projects, the passion back to pulsate as an engine capable of only feeding on cleats, sweat and grass freshly grown. And it is on and off the field that always arise more ambitious objectives, against unexpected and new stimulating challenges for one of the leading, for Charisma and talent as well as experience in the trenches, the historian and unitissimo group permeated rossoblu.

Per Laura Tommasella one just begun is not merely another season to add to the bouquet of a busy racing career and rewarding. In addition to the well-deserved reappointment nell'organico of Tose, after yet another championship lived frontlines with 2520 minutes and 28 Total attendance, the midfielder '81 class of San Dona di Piave has been entrusted by the Company the delicate and prestigious task of driving training junior, historic technical and human reservoir of the first team vittoriese. An unprecedented mission, that “the Tommo” enthusiastically accepted immediately being able to count on the support of a staff of proven level and the continued and valuable collaboration with the Head of the Youth Sector Matteo Fattorel, from whom he inherited the role on the bench.

We feel, therefore, what are the thoughts, the feelings and objectives of the newly player-coach Rossoblu at the dawn of this season “overbooking” in campo.

– That by coach looks set to become your second skin, but how much is still strong in you the desire to wear the cleats and continue to set foot on the pitch?

– The desire to play and confront, with companions and rivals, it's always the same. Physically I feel good, I enjoy it and I am in a great team. Continue was a spontaneous and absolutely natural Decision, I have absolutely no doubts about mail.

– As we have created this opportunity for you to support the tasks to player, for the first time, those from coach of Spring rossoblu?

– Quest’estate, with a hint of surprise, I received the proposal by the Company and I immediately accepted with pleasure and enthusiasm. I think they thought of me and for the long militancy in the fields for both the experience in the management of the game from a tactical point of view, details that obviously flatter me and stimulate me in many ways. In my heart I would like to try such an experience and are happy to be able to do in Vittorio Veneto.

How do you handle twice and demanding role during the season?

– Logically I spend a lot of time on the training field, with the Under girls before and with my teammates to follow. I'm looking at a personal level solution from the logistical point of view, but I hope to optimally combine all commitments thanks to the staff that I will support, including Alice De Val in the care of the athletic part.

What year do you expect in your baptism by Mister?

– For the moment I am observing some of the girls aggregated with the first team in these first days of work on the field. How Puppy training you'll actually full squad for the first sessions from Monday 3 September, from there we will begin to know each other and to set goals both individually and as a team.

What do you expect instead, to Tosa, in this season of Series C?

– After the latest vintages, negative and unfortunate, We do not lack for sure the desire to redeem ourselves and have our say to try to bring the Permac there where he lived his finest experiences. Nell'organico we had to deal with a few goodbyes but, at the same time, are important reinforcements arrived as Michela Martinelli, with behind many years of quality in top flight.

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