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The Rossoblu Juniors wins the championship 2018/2019, with a route plan 14 Victories, 1 draw and 1 defeat. A season that saw guided by Tosette Mister Laura Tommasella, his first experience as a coach, contending for the top spot with Venice, the only team capable of keeping up with the Permac Vittorio Veneto. The terrible girls Mister Tomma have reacted in an exemplary manner to the brief period of declines in the game and in the beginning of March and results are compacted to achieve the goal that they wanted to hit in preseason: the victory. Mission accomplished!
89 Goals, of which 32 marked Ilaria Mella, undisputed top scorer of the team and the championship. 17 goals against, with the second best defense and especially concrete, cynicism and coldness in recent games, where the victory was the only result available. Brave and just, Girls!

The Tosette Rossoblu had a single result on hand to win the championship without ifs and buts: the victory. Still orphan dell'infortunata Julia Trevino and Carlotta Martinis forced to stop due to a muscular problem last hour, Tosette the Rossoblu took the field with captain Modolo and Da Ros central and sisters Victoria and Charlotte external defense Gava, From front titolarissima Ronch. The Rossoblu midfield is led by panels and Brovedani with Canzi playmaker and Pizzolato, Mella and Bigaran to compose the triptych attack. Ready away and Mella to go close to scoring on cross Pizzolato: keeper holds the ball and then blocks the Rossoblu bomber shot. Canzi, as usual the author of the provision “body excited and”, tries to put the seal 10′ with a pocketed in area, but the shot did not bother Comparin. Al 15′ comes the advantage rossoblù: hand ball in the Vicenza area and from the spot Mella bags 1 to 0, with Comparin who perceives the trajectory but fails to smanacciare. The grinder Vicenza game comes from the parts of Ronch From 24′ with Passuello, Test the distance. The doubling the Permac always comes from the foot of Ilaria Mella to the 27‘: vittoriese the bomber is good at flying away on the filtering of Bigaran and evade the marking Since Piece, beating the innocent Comparin. The red and white try to close the gap with Cute, but it is good Rossoblu defense to argue the attacker shot. Bigaran is good several times to create space, but he can not sting like would. The third goal of the match is yet to kick strictness, this time awarded for a foul in the penalty area to the detriment of Carlotta Gava: it is the number-back 3 that goes on the disc and displaces the extreme defender. A net 3-0 that rewards the many opportunities created by the terrible girls Mister Tomma.

In the second portion of the game the Permac continues to grind the game, looking poker with Signs and even with Mella, but both conclusions are switched off between the number of gloves 1 Vicenza. Pinwheel of exchange rates for the Rossoblu, with the input of Fattorel, Wain and Sossai between 47′ and 59′. The red and white opponents insistently seeking network: al 65′ the Ronch He puts his gloves first with a plastic parade on free-kick from Carino, and then with an intervention on the shot of Passuello head. As I have been mature and 73′ Vicenza shortens the distance with D'Angelo, that bags 3-1 arguing on the net the rebound Da Ronch on Cute Shooting. The Permac relies prompt response to an unleashed Martina Pizzolato, that at 79′ It affects a crosspiece resounding from outside the area after being released with a back-heel, a minute later went close to scoring after a triangulation Sovilla and finally per minute 84 signed the 4-1, collecting the Sutomore of Sovilla head on launch of Modolo. Two minutes later Wain trying to distance, But the parable is diverted from Comparin and ends its run on the pole. Al 87′ It is still Permac, which spreads in the score with the center of Gaia Maria Sovilla, good to send the ball over the goal line with a precise low shot, finalizing in the best way the assist of Vera Tomasella. The attacker Belluno class 99 It is what is called a certainty. The final minutes of the match are continuously keeps on hitting, and in fact, just a single round of hands to Vicenza to find the second goal of the mach, even with D'Angelo From that sees Ronch out of position just enough to climb over with a shot against the leap from outside the box. 5-2 ball in the middle. In full recovery it is still Pizzolato in loud cheering by the audience rossoblù rushed to the stage of Colle Umberto: the number 7 Montebelluna initials goals from left staff, suggestion to kiss Sovilla. The final 6-2 gives the 3 Permac the points needed to graduate sample.

At the final whistle is riot rossoblù: It celebrates a deserved victory and strongly supported by all, the President Patrizia, the head of the youth sector Matteo Fattorel, until the last player took to the field to make a contribution. Congratulations to the girls, all'allenatrice Laura Tommasella and to all the protagonists of the Rossoblu club that has contributed with their passion and their work to make this a winning season and never losing sight of the goal. And a great big thanks goes to the magnificent public Red Blue!

A single heart rossoblù who beat in unison until the last minute of this exciting championship. Now the adventure continues, This is just the beginning of a new future.


(15’ (R), 27'Mella, 42’ Gava C. (R), 73'D'Angelo (V), 84’ Pizzolato, 87'Sovilla, 88'D'Angelo (V), 93’ Pizzolato)

VITTORIO VENETO: the Ronch, Gava V., Gava C. (47'Fattorel), Signs (64’ Tomasella), Modolo, Da Ros, Pizzolato, BROVEDANI (50"Hand), Bigrn, Canzi (59Sossai), Mella (70'Sovilla)
Available: Facchin, Coghetto, Marino, Righetto
All. L. Tommasella

VICENZA: Comparin, Cortivo (69' Vector), Lazzari, Nicolin (52’ Martel), Balestro, Since Piece (73'Chilò), Paloma (46'Lent), Passuello, D'Angelo, de Pretto, Cute
Available: Long
All. G. Fridge

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