junior: Vittorio Veneto – Venice, he postponed match


A script already lived with the first team in the second round: draw with Padova and Venice defeated with. The derby also are expensive to junior Mister Tommasella, che non affronta con la giusta cattiveria agonistica una delle partite fondamentali del suo cammino. the defeats, and to, They can teach a lot more victories sometimes: will stand the minds and hearts of red and blue Tosette get going again the right gear, per ricominciare a macinare punti e soprattutto ritrovare la strada del bel gioco. There 4 days at the end of this season, and now Venice is +1, with a game more than the Permac.

Mister Tomma must still face numerous absences and annoying physical ailments, see eg Trevino and Rati, and restoring confidence in 9/11 Holders of Padua, with the variants Pizzolato and Coghetto in attack. Game immediately uphill for the Rossoblu in that of San Fior, because the Venice presents load and eager to eat points to direct rivals, Also to redeem the defeat in the first leg. After only 7′ the game is the number 7 arancioneroverde Tosatto to lead with their team, taking advantage of a big ingenuity of Martinis and fly away toward the door of Da Ronch, that nothing can on the low shot that carries the visiting team in scoring. The reaction of Permac is entrusted to young Pizzolato, deployed outside of attack on the right wing, seeking the equalizer with a solitary. For ten minutes the Vittorio tries to build game, relying mainly on grit Carlotta Gava, to play for Canzi and at a speed of Pizzolato, but never realized actions with shots on goal defended by Berne. The Venice reappeared 20′ with a high number of the shot over the crossbar 9, but it is in the central part of the first time that the Venetian push even more ridiculous, crushing the Rossoblu in their half of the field. the Ronch It proves one of the clearest in the field, saving on several occasions the result, but nothing can to 40′ on Padoan shot, launched a network from a perfect filtering of De Pellegrini. At half time comes the yellow card Luna Da Ros, forced to stop by crook an opponent off guard.

The second half began with some great goalkeeping number 1 Red Blue, disinnerscare good at trying to Venetian tris. Capitan Modolo to the 51‘ hits the free kick that, and is the only start that his team is trying to opponents. Mella, always doubled in marking, is hard to escape in the dense mesh arancioneroverdi and try to be seen to 54‘ with a shot from outside the box, but unfortunately also off target. Coghetto you spend much, but it lacks the clarity among the ranks of rossoblù departments. victory Gava It is very stressed in defense, where the Venice pushes more and this makes it hard to present itself forward. Al 59′ From Ronch is still saved the Rossoblu door on trying to Padoan and a few minutes later, De Pellegrini to pardon the Tosette, kicking up from an excellent position. Mister Tommasella prova a cambiare qualcosa a centrocampo inserendo al 65′ Signs Brovedani, but the music remains the same field. Enter also a positive Sossai Pizzolato and Bigaran for Canzi. The draw comes only in the number of yellow cards, with Celegato that is warned per minute 85. Al 89′ comes the third center for guests, con la doppietta di Padoan, bagging riveted Da Ros on De Pellegrini shooting.

deserved defeat, but should not tarnish what good has been done so far: back to work & straight to the goal, harder than ever
Now the look is facing Tornero “Arco di Trento”, which will among the protagonists Tosette rossoblù. Lo scontro con il Trento, scheduled for Saturday 9 March, It was postponed Saturday 23 March.

Vittorio Veneto – Venice: 0-3
(7′ Tosatto, 40′ Padoan, 89′ Padoan)

Vittorio Veneto: Da Roch, Gava V. , Gava C., Martinis, Da Ros, Modolo, Pizzolato (75′ Sossai), BROVEDANI (65′ Signs), Coghetto, Canzi (80′ Bigrn), Mella
(Fattorel, Marino, Wain)
All: Laura Tommasella

Venice: Bern, Quaglio, Celegato, Vivian, Cecchinato, Ruggiero, Tosatto, Stocco, Padoan, Carráin, Pellegrini
(Poceko, Pistritto, Zuin, By Luca, Pagotto, Pavan, Spear)

Ammonite: Da Ros (VV), Celegato (V)


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