Sunny day, 8 degrees, good public response, ten arrived in tow from Vittorio Veneto. Poor pitch.


After observing a minute's silence in memory of the victims of the earthquake in Abruzzo, the game started.

Al 6′ GOAL immediately benefit Permac. Mella throws Manzon on the left that takes the lead on their opponents and split affects to the door, the number one repels and Mantoani from close range in the tap-in into the net.

Al 8′ GOAL immediately reply dell'Arezzo. Perin Paganini lands in the area and the referee decreed the penalty spot. From the spot it looks Teci that displaces Reginato.

10′ grenade free-kick from thirty meters, Zeghini shoots out a little

First fifteen minutes of confusion on both sides, the field has its problems

Al 15′ GOAL The Tose back the lead from the right Tommasella brush a parable with a tachometer that goes to see the gore winning Manzon.

Al 21′ Paganini does everything by itself creates a central gap and try a diagonal shot, Reginato got a fingertip and deflects for a corner

The Arezzo now pick up the ball game, many turnovers by Tose

To 28′ triangolazione tra Piai e Messenger, the latter from a good position shooting. But the number one grenade careful and deflects

30′ shot by 25 Zanon meters that exploits an opponent mistake and finds the cross

Al 38′ GOAL Europol Zanon that the top right corner of the penalty shoot a bomb on the fly to the crossroads, nothing can the number one home

Al 44′ Tommasella inactive ball from launches in the middle area, Messenger eyebrow cerca la Porta, but the ball ended just over the bar

2′ minutes of injury

Double whistle.



4′ Teci tries to well placed flight. however, raises a bit too his strike shuts down so the bottom

Al 9′ Teci try again the two staff from the corner position, but found only the crossing of external poles

Al 19′ after a beat and replies in area Zanon is the ball at his feet in a very close position to the goal line, however, believed to be offside and the number one home you toss out to steal the ball from the attacker's feet rossoblu

Al 21′ GOAL for Permac, kick the corner Tommasella, Zanon is the head that Sutomore the ball in the net. And here I served poker.

Al 26′ yellow for Tellini blocking the Piai counterattack launched network

To 28′ beautiful rossoblu action that ends with a shot from Tommasella limit lob just wide from the far defender grenade

now past the half hour from five minutes, the rhythms are falling and Tose are administering the advantage

40′ Zanon steals the ball from the frontline is wedged towards the middle and end, but the shot goes high over the crossbar.

Al 42′ comes on after a long absence due to injury also Alice Casagrande

3′ injury time

final whistle



AREZZO: Antonelli, Arzedi (33′ st Mattiacci), send away, run, Zeghini, Paganini (46′ Nocchi), Mencucci (10′ st Mazzini), Verdi, Di Fiore, Casula, Tellini. A disp: Cherici, Mazzini, Torrioli, Mattiacci, Pisces, Prosperi, Nocchi. All: Nazzarena Grilli.

PERMAC: Reginato, Virgili (42′ st Casagrande), Very, Da Ros, Mella, Tommasella, Foltran (40′ st Zanella), Messenger, Piai (28′ st Pistis), Who would like to, Zanon. A disp: Ferin, payoff, Sogaro, Bridge, Zanella, Tone, Big house. All: Dario Biasi.

referee Mr.. Simone Pistarelli of Fermo

REPORTER: Leonardo Segata

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