Who would like to: “Very tough challenge, but we want to finally give our best in front of our audience "

Ladies and gentlemen, Captain’s speaking. From Sclaunicco with fury and an armband full of prestige and responsibility, Karin Mantoani is ready to load the rossoblù changing room in view of the last, intriguing 180 minutes of the Serie C championship 2020-2021. For the Tose of Mr. Massimo Zoni, already extensively in the comfort zone in the middle of the table for several days, the latest ambiance of seasonal commitments sways between prestige and history, between the home challenge to the leaders Cortefranca – on the hunt for the decisive draw to achieve promotion to Serie B – and the epilogue in the most elegant living room in Venezia-Giulia, the Nereo Rocco of Trieste, for one night only soundstage of the women's section of the Triestina.

So let's hear right from KM28, best seasonal scorer with 11 goals between the league and the Italian Cup, sensations and vibrations in the locker room of the Permac house a few hours after the engagement of the twenty-fifth and penultimate day(twelfth of return) to Stadium Paolo Barison, finally open to the public's embrace of the City of Victory to its indomitable rossoblù warriors.

With Padova there was a draw of head and heart, which returned the right endorphins to the whole environment, following up the progress already appreciated in the internal success with Portogruaro di 7 days before.
The point in the land of Padua was certainly a precious and deserved result, against a tough and square team that, above all at the beginning, knew how to put us in some difficulty. Right the initial impact, we were good at staying in the game and doing our best, even if on balance we could have done even a little more to prune the total booty at home. On balance, the draw at the end of 90 minutes is, however, the most correct result for what has been seen on the pitch.

In a few hours you will cross your destinies with those of Cortefranca, unbeaten championship leader, that with a victory at Barison would mathematically put the promotion to Serie B on ice.
Receiving the leaders certainly pushes us to throw our hearts over the obstacle, to try to close this year zero with a memorable result, of fatigue and growth for everyone. sure, we are aware it will be a very tough match, in which, however, we will have to face the many absences of fundamental elements, but if Cortefranca on his part comes to win the championship, our goal is still to score three points. For us and for the public who will finally be able to come back to support us live.

The return of the rossoblù "aficionados" can certainly represent an important and unprecedented boost this season. 497 days after the last time with open doors against Roma in Serie B.
Being able to return to play for our fans is already a great victory, and we can't wait to do it at least for these last 90 'home games of the season. I invite all the "undecided" to come fill and color the stands of the Barison, the game will be really tough but we will really do our best, putting his heart and face as always.

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