Cantera speciale: Interview with Vera Tomasella

A season on and off for the midfielder “ballerina”, Long forced to follow her companions from the stands due to injury. But the charge and determination are now available to the group to achieve the objectives still to be awarded for this season. We know more closely Vera Tomasella.

At what age did you start playing football and how did you come to this sport?
I started playing 10 age, I was dancing before but felt it was not “quite” per me. Meanwhile I met a girl who played football and wanted to try: After the first training session I knew to be done for this sport. I started playing with Cordignano, men's team, where I stayed for 5 years before moving to Permac 3 Years ago.

As you stand in Vittorio Veneto?
I am very happy with the company with Tomma coach and girls with whom I share the same passion.

You're a midfielder: you've always wanted to do this role or not? And do you like about this role?
I never had a role in mind, but before you get to Vittorio Veneto I played for six years in defense thinking to have found my role. Last year Mr. MFattorel has moved me in midfield and, although initially I was a little’ disoriented, Today I say to be happy. There are some “responsibility” diverse, but not lower than those of a defender.

What is your best quality and rather one that would improve?
Best quality I think is the determination and passion that sometimes, however, it becomes “badness” which is not always positive, but I think it always serves some’ in a sport like this.
Certainly I would like to improve the technical capacity.

You had a season full of injuries: How important is "never give up"?
Unfortunately, we say that has not been a lucky year, I stopped early in the season and I came back with the wonderful experience in Trento. And it was hard to look from outside my companions for six months and not being able to contribute. But I never thought about quitting, indeed, he was working out and the desire to return increased. I'm still happy with the season for what they did to my mates and the coach and to be able to come back in recent games.

What are your personal goals for this season?
Winning the championship was the team's goal, and it has been achieved. Now it points to the national stages where I hope to be able to recover up to give my contribution.

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