Official: Caon and Rapacz new goalkeepers

The company Permac Vittorio Veneto announces that it has acquired the rights to benefits Goalkeeping class 2001 Maya Caon and class 2000 Kamila Rapacz. The latter arrives outright from Villorba, which simultaneously he moves the keeper Dalila Canzian.

These are the first words of Maya: “Sono veramente felice di far parte di questa Società, I understand one of the most important at national level. I hope to give my contribution and to be useful to the project Vittorio Veneto, always trying to improve myself with a technical staff prepared as in a few other realities, even non-football, I found. They start to wear shoes with cleats after a major brackets at national level volleyball, but my sport is football, My goalkeeper, and this is where I want to prove it. I thank the company for giving me the opportunity to be part of this group. "

This is the thought of Kamila, Polish-born: “It was presented with an opportunity to be part of the project Vittorio Veneto, and not I think twice about it while having other opportunities; Villorba I thank the company for giving me the opportunity to be part of. I get to be part of an important project, which focuses on young girls. The company is investing a lot on the technical staff, I already knew, and I can not wait to learn as much as possible by coach and trainers and to be able to make my contribution.”

In the next days, the full interview to learn more about our two young defenders extremes. #BenvenutaMaya #BenvenutaKamila and good luck for your adventure with the shirt rossoblu!


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