Giovanna and Giulia Coghetto Trevino: when the Rossoblu fades to blue

Italy named. And from Cantera vittoriese the answer can only be strong and clear, charge of that palpable, great emotion that only a blue shirt stitched to the skin can give so much to the wearer as to the observer. Giovanna Coghetto and Giulia Trevino, mafaldine doc, after having fully experienced the honor and responsibility to represent their territory, the “Terre Northeast”, Under the national finals 15 the end of June in Romagna, They are selected from the ct national Under 16 Massimo Migliorini for the forthcoming stages in blue shirt. Coghetto, class 2002, take part in internships at the end of the month dedicated to the formation of the new National Under 16; Trevino, class 2003, vestirà l’azzurro per lo stage Area Nord di settembre, to select the protagonists of the next season.

These words and the emotions Giovanna: “The news of the call in the National Under 16 It was likely by coach Migliorini during the final week Under 15. I was having lunch and it took me a while’ to realize what was happening, then I started calling all the family so that he knew of the news. The convocation, in these days, I'm living quietly, I know it is only the beginning and I'll continue to work as I always have, trying to prove my qualities every day and always being down-to-earth. I thank the club because Permac Vittorio Veneto, when this call came, it is thanks to a serious company, who believes in young people and urges people to always give my best.”

These however the memories and feelings of Giulia: “Already the experience of the national finals was one that so far I consider the most beautiful experience of my life. After a fantastic week, He lived with great enthusiasm on my part and on the part of all the companions with whom I connected very, crowned by emotion and honor to play in an important stadium like that of Cesena, This came totally unexpected call. This year was for “2002 class″ and I did not expect that my chance would come so soon. The very thought of being able to wear the blue shirt makes me happy and I can not wait to experience this adventure, a thought and a thank you to the company and to my companions.”

By the Permac Vittorio Veneto, the satisfaction is enormous, a culmination of enormous efforts and investments in the youth sector in recent years and will continue in the hope of seeing more and more Tose, Tosette Mafaldine and dress the most special and coveted jersey that there is.


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